Where did my wordpress blog go? And how can I fix it?


This blog site was not coming up this morning – and it took me a while to figure out why not but here it is.

The blog is technically xomino.wordpress.com and that is redirected to xomino.com automagically by wordpress.

I set this up originally through GoDaddy by pointing my zone file at the xomino.wordpress.com site. Well guess what happened over the weekend – the IP address of the wordpress server changed!!


I saw this, this morning:


My IP address for the site was not pointing at the xomino.wordpress.com IP address

A quick change to the GoDaddy Zone file et voila I have a blog again – woo hoo!!


So if your wordpress site has gone down this weekend – you need to go through your registrar and change the IP address of the domain back to the new IP address.

Love it when a plan comes together – annoyed that the IP address of the wordpress server was changed with no notification