PSC and LDC Via – The technical reasons for our strategic partnership

I’ve never been the guy who sees the sky as falling, more so the guy who wants to see what is on the other side of the cloud and if it is fun to play with. PSC’s new partnership with LDC Via is most definitely fun to play with. Over the past 5 years PSC has demonstrated time and again what a strong team of developers we have and have been able to consistently deliver client excellence. We have worked on projects from the World’s Largest XPages application to most recently an entirely responsive boostrapped application written on nothing but a notes form and WQS/WQO agents. PSC is still committed to Domino and XPages as a solution to application modernization for clients who are still committed to the IBM Domino platform. We are busy, and confident that there is no end to that in the near future.

As well as six IBM ICS Champions and the largest XPages development consultancy team in North America PSC also has extensive experience in working with SharePoint, .NET, Enterprise Java servers, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and multiple open source systems like Node.js, Mongo, Docker, and Angular.js. As well as on premises solutions we have a large number of cloud based projects in Azure, AWS, Google and Bluemix. Because of this broad understanding of multiple technology vendors, platforms and stacks we are able to offer our clients an honest and strategic vision of what is really best for their unique situation and environment.
So how does a non-Domino solution like LDCVia fit into that?  Beautifully!

While working with our clients to modernize their applications, we have focused on providing flexible solutions, for today and for the future. I started to evangelize the separation of interface from data and logic using Angular.js in April 2014 not only because it felt right, but because our clients were asking for it.

At Connect 2015 I spoke with Mark Leusink on the advantages of modernizing your applications on the Domino platform using this technique because “The application does not need to change when you are ready to move the data and security model”. LDC Via is that “data and security model” which allows me to easily move my modernized Domino applications off platform.

As John Head mentioned in his non-technical reasons to partner with LDC Via, LDC Via fits beautifully into our modernization strategy.


For the presentation at MWLUG last week, it took me a small number of *hours* to transform my demo angular application from using Domino Data Services to using the migrated data on the LDC Via platform. Take a look at and you will be able to see how Matt White and the rest of the team have created a fully functioning REST API model which seems very “familiar” to the notes domino development community.

Here is the demo used in last week’s conference presentation.

The end of Domino ?

Not at all. This is not our call to arms to get off the platform, far from it. We still have 8 full time developers working on Domino and XPages for our clients and I don’t see that changing in the near future. Our partnership with LDC Via demonstrates how clients committed to the platform today can partner with PSC and we can deliver solutions on a modern architecture knowing that future options exist. Listening to client concerns and partnering with them to pro-actively prepare for the future is what we do best.

LDC Via is now a first class option when it comes to our modernization efforts and we are very proud to be able to partner with their great team of developers.

This is going to be fun 🙂