Gaming Keyboard – productivity enhancer

My first experience with a “IBM PC” clone was using Word Perfect to create something for school. For those of you who are not old enough to remember Word Perfect was similar to the UNIX editor vi in that you could do any and everything with a keyboard. In fact my dad had a keyboard overlay with all the shortcut’s on a quick reference guide it was fantastic.

Ever since I have been a keyboard freak and hate using the mouse unless I really have to.

So I use a Gaming keyboard nowadays and I have an old Logitech G15 keyboard which I love to bits. What I have done is created shortcuts to frequently used applications like mail or my workspace.

You can program the keys through the GUI to open a link……Here’s how to calculate the link

Drag “workspace” to your desktop and a shortcut is created

Create Workspace Shortcut
Drag and Drop a Bookmark to Create Workspace Shortcut

If you view the shortcut in notepad it looks like this


so I copy and paste the link into the interface for the button – et voila

Create G15 Shortcut
Create G15 Shortcut

Show heap status shortcut(s)

For those of you who don’t know, Domino R8 now runs in Eclipse. Eclipse is a Java based application and can be rather memory intensive. You can see the allocated Java Virtual Machine space (heap size) in your designer by going to:

File –>Preferences—>General

Show heap size
Show heap size

And this shows you the heap size and allows you to clean it up and speed up your designer client.

Domino Designer Heap Size
Domino Designer Heap Size

The problem is when you check and save this open it is not remembered from one designer session to the next – even though it remains checked it is not displayed.

Here is way for us lazy/productive people to turn this link on with the minimum of effort:

Keyboard only

  1. Alt+F
  2. F
  3. (Type) General
  4. Enter
  5. Enter

Gaming Keyboard (Productivity Enhancer)

Even better when you can program your gaming keyboard to do a single button push for you 🙂

Creating a shortcut to show heap size using Logitech G15 gaming keyboard
Creating a shortcut to show heap size using Logitech G15 gaming keyboard


StrokeIt is a Windows Mouse Gestures program or in their words “an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processors”. It can be programmed to perform almost any shortcut task – here is the Show Heap

Strokieit Show Heap shortcut
Strokieit Show Heap shortcut

Anything else?

  • There is AutoHotKey which is another shortcut program
  • There is Ben Poole’s SendKeys replacement but I have had timing issues with that and cannot get it to work consistently.
  • I’d like to do it in @Formula and add it to a toolbar button
  • Let me know what you’ve come up with…!

Productive or Lazy?

To the core I do not like having to work harder than I have to, when trying to achieve the simplest of tasks.

When a search and replace will suffice rather than editing 50 lines of code – I will do a search and replace I would rather use a keyboard shortcut than use the mouse when a code library can be created and re-used I won’t write the code twice.

Now you could look at this as being productive – but you could also see this as being lazy in a way, “I have only so much time to do a million things, why work harder than I have to”……so are the most productive people efficient or lazy/smart enough to realize there is a better way?

My favorite session at Lotusphere this yeas was AD103: Embracing the Eclipse Within by Maureen Leland. In this session she introduced all the Eclipse keyboard shortcuts which can be used in Domino development and discussed how the Eclipse platform will take the Domino Designer into the future. This was one of the very few sessions which I knew nothing about before entering and I got a great deal of information from it which I can start using immediately.