THANK YOU NOTES IN 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time there was a guy who worked for a trucking company and he decided that he needed to learn this new XPages thing – and he figured why not share what I am doing? That was over 7 years ago and it grew into the largest single video repository in the history of IBM Domino. Dave Leedy is coming to the end of his XPages-casting career and is hanging up his cleats in this arena. Not only did Notesin9 lead to more opportunities for Dave, it also helped many many other people.

Dave will not admit it, but site has helped more people be successful that he could have ever imagined,

Dave and Notesin9 are a huge reason for my personal success in the last few years and I know I am not alone. Dave’s encouragement and the hosting costs he provided out of his own pocket provided a platform for my success unmatched in my professional career. I owe him a huge debt of thanks personally and many others do too.

So a few friends (44 people!!) and I got together and decided it would be cool to create something memorable that Dave could relate to and I really hope it gives you some idea of the love……

So today we are releasing the unofficial-official #thanksnotesin9 video. I hope you enjoy it. Share it, trend it, it’s worth it to everyone in the IBM Domino community.

I know there are many others who would like to contribute but we had to keep this on the quiet and had to be completed eventually. If you have a thanks video you want to make then link it in the comments below. The more the merrier 🙂





make sure you watch it to the end 😉

Creating your own sample Bluemix application – a NotesIn9 presentation

I created a video for the purpose of demonstrating how quickly and easily you can repeat one of the IBM example applications for yourself. In just over 10 minutes you can deploy a new Bluemix hosted Text To Speech example using the Watson Text To Speech service which is reeeeeally cool 🙂

Watch the video here

In the near future I am going to do another NotesIn9 on how to integrate that service into an XPages application.

Whenever IBM gets round to putting XPages into Bluemix *coughs* Pete *coughs*  this is going to be so much fun





Going to MWLUG 2014? Buy Dave Leedy a beer

Yeah I know I have rattled on about this before but it holds as true today as it does any other day before.

Here is a list of reasons you should buy Dave Leedy a beer in case you were wondering…

1) really? You need a list?? Shame on you….

2) NotesIn9 has helped you – One of those videos by Dave, John, John, Brian, Chris, Graham, Jeremy, Mark, Mark, Paul, Peter, Steve, Tim, Chris, Paul, Josh, Dan, Niklas, Michael, Russ, Serdar, Sean, Mark, Brad, Frederick, Steve, Richard, Kathy, Stephan, Keith, Martin and Andrew (to name but a few) made you look better to your boss

3) Dave pays for this amazing service out of his personal pocket. By my reckoning $40 a month for 3+ years is well over $1000 dollars. A $5 beer is the LEAST you can do to repay him.

4) Dave refuses to take contributions – if it would make a difference I would do a kickstarter, but he’d refuse.

5) NotesIn9 is the largest repository of videos and tutorials, created by the largest number of different contributors in the IBM ICS community.

If he refuses to let you buy one, buy it anyway and put it in front of him. He’s going to be there for four nights so just do it.

Buy the man a beer – you owe him and it would be rude not to!!!

The line starts behind me……..join it !

Taking back productivity in Domino Designer (a NotesIn9 production)

Yeah it has been a while (over 18 months) since the last time I did a NotesIn9 video but it finally happened again.

NotesIn9 149:  Database Resources and Design Definition

Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Dave needs to work on his attention grabbing heading show names. I would have called it something more like this – but then who am I to complain – it is not my show after all 😉

NotesIn9 149:  Taking back productivity in Domino Designer 

This video revolves around some simple but not always well known facts about working with Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE). When you use Database Resources and custom controls they slow up designer significantly. XPages developers unnecessarily put up with it and just curse out the DDE slowness. Take back your productivity and make your XPages quick again.

Using some architecting tips and the Design Definition within a custom control you can:

  • Speed up designer significantly
  • Continue to take advantage of the database resources
  • Layout your code in a more readable fashion within the DDE Design Pane
  • Take back your productivity in Domino Designer


Thanks as always to Dave for doing Notes In 9 – if you see Dave at MWLUG, ConnectED or any other time – buy that man a beer !!


And the gloves are off……

Picture this: I have been away for 5 days and during that time “someone” has been posting cryptic comments on twitter about how the next notesin9 is going to be different….and scaring me.

So I am waiting at the airport this afternoon, about to board my plane home and I get this link from this “friend” who tells me to watch the new video it and enjoy. I download it and watch it on the plane. People start to look at me funny as I start to snort and giggle at my phone.

I am sitting here are 30,000 feet laughing my ass off at the video. Not only at the brutal use of apparently free Child labor, the amazing feminine  likeness of my voice and the awesome lip synching 🙂

The video is of course the latest notesin9 episode 141 and for the record Dave is smarter than he let’s on!

Dave is a good friend and I metaphorically love him to bits – I loved the episode – loved the fact that he took so much time to create it – love the creativity – love the humor / love love love. Thank you I am very flattered.

The gloves are off is a reference I get, something to do with Canadians and this guy called Neal who plays for the Penguins…..I dunno…anyway….

Dave’s overall point is right, horses for courses, the right language for the job and the right job for the customer.

He is right that front end and back end  are 50% equal in importance. The end user doesn’t care about back end and it has 0% importance to them. Your IT manager cares nearly 100% about the back end code and making it maintainable. Who is your customer? 😉

This healthy discussion will go on forever apparently and only serves to demonstrate how complex XPages can be. To IBM’s credit they have created a technology which is equally at home as:

The original and arguably still best secure NoSQL data store who’s primary task is serving JSON to a JavaScript framework such as Angular or backbone

An interoperable, integration platform which provides an application building capabilities with simple drag and drop data controls and a powerful back end data parsing capabilities.

and everything in between.

Love ya Dave 🙂 thanks for the laugh.

I can’t wait to get off the plane and see everyone else’s reaction 🙂

Next time we have a beer I’ll point out the significant errors in your video 😉

Dave Leedy: Drink to 99 at IBMConnect

As many of you are aware – I feel like I owe a personal debt to Dave Leedy because of how he helped support me when I was getting into the community in the last year. Honestly he is fed up of hearing me talk about him (as you are too).

That said this post and subsequent request for help is not about what Dave has done for me – it is what Dave has done for you, and you, and you and the other thousands of YOU!

Notes in 9

XPages cheatsheet

Notes in 9 is over 2 years old and has over 28 hours of XPages related wonderment – if you are reading this blog and have never watched a NotesIn9 video I will be shocked. It is synonymous with the XPages community and is supported by many many contributors.

Not only does Dave invest time and effort into Notes in 9 he also pays for the hosting cost out of his own pocket – that’s right he is paying so that you to become a better developer – the least you can do is to say thank you.

So it is time to say thank you – in the best way we know – BEER

Dave Leedy should not have to buy himself a single beer at IBM Connect this year. Dave needs to get 99 beers to be bought for him to say thank you for the 99 NotesIn9 he has created/masterminded.

I would like to see #DrinkTo99 count=x on twitter so that we can track his progress throughout the week.

As I said on the Dave Leedy Taking Notes Podcast….if you see this man buy him a beer because he has helped you !

Buy this man a beer
Buy this man a beer

Oh and happy birthday mate 😉

Notes in 9 – adding a jQuery library to your XPage – 100th Post

Today marks the release of my third Notes in 9 video entitled Adding a jQuery library to your XPage. I am always talking about how quick and easy it is to find and add a jQuery plugin to an XPage and in this video I have tried to demonstrate that. This video is in addition to my previous post on the trunk8 plugin

The Notes in 9 video can be found here

In less than 15 minutes I:

  • show the plugin homepage (trunk8)
  • download the library
  • add the library files to my database
  • add the files as a resource to my XPage
  • configure the plugin using Firebug
  • add the plugin code to my XPage
  • finish

This blog post is here for questions/comments and general discussion if anyone feels like it 🙂

It is also my 100th blog post – thanks to Dave Leedy without who’s support I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Notes In 9 - Drive to 99
Notes In 9 – Drive to 99

Code Snippets

The code snippets can be found here

Video Notes and code snippets

Nin9 TypeAhead Demo

Today marks the release of my first video for Notes in 9. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with David Leedy on this project and I really hope that people find it useful. This blog entry is intended for my side-notes and also to provide a spot for any questions/comments.

Here’s a link to the video 🙂

Side Notes

This came about after my blog article on Adding a “working” visual indicator to the XPages TypeAhead. David approached me because he thought it would make a great Nin9 video. The original article was written from code on an 8.5.2 server and when I went to make the video on my 8.5.3 server I found that the HTML code generated for the type ahead was different any my code was “broken”.

As i said at the start of the original article, this is not bullet proof because you are always at the risk of this happening because we are manipulating the HTML created by the server. When IBM release 8.5.3 they upgraded dojo to 1.6 from 1.4 and the way the dijit comboxbox works had changed from one version of dojo to another, so IBM had to adapt.

The code in the example will work for 8.5.3 and 8.5.2 however because of the beauty of using the dojo.query. The 8.5.2 version is less complex and a couple of the lines in the addVisual() function are irrelevant. Because we are working with the dojo.query selector, and it find nothing to action on in the 8.5.2 HTML code, it does nothing – and most importantly fails over gracefully!!

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂