PSC is the MWLUG 2016 sponsor of the week

PSC Group, LLC is the Sponsor of the Week on this week.

PSC is proud to be one of the Platinum sponsors at the biggest US based ICS user group event of the year. We have been a sponsor every year of MWLUG. We will be at this years event in Austin talking about what we do best: Application Modernization and XPages. We will have an exciting announcement about our future vision of modern web applications and IBM Champions Kathy and Shean will talk about Dashboards.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Austin!


MWLUG 2015: Websockets session video and slide deck

The following presentation was given at MWLUG 2015 in Atlanta Georgia. If you have any questions please let me know 🙂

This was very kindly recorded by my good friend David Navarre and rendering it to youtube did not apparently help his insomnia. Not sure what to read into that 🙂

Thank you Richard, et al for MWLUG 2015

Last week I attended MWLUG 2015 in sweaty Atlanta, GA and had a great time. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Richard Moy, Lisa and Darren Duke, Ray, Tony, Ulrich and everyone who contributed to a great conference. There is a significant amount of effort which goes into the conference as Richard explains. What people also do not appreciate is that Richard is personally in the hole for the conference costs unless the conference is a success. I don’t think there are many of us who would be able to do that, let alone have the balls to do it.

My personal highlights:

  • Speaking with Ryan Baxter on Bluemix and XPages. Being able to show a drone being controlled from an XPage (and it works in XPiNC as well) was and probably always will be, the coolest XPages demo ever 🙂
  • Seeing two new speakers who I have encouraged in the past (Shean and Steve Z) actually take up the challenge, do it really well, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. New Addicts are born.
  • Shean McManus proudly announcing that he is moving jobs to start working at PSC
  • Drinking beer at a session for the first time ever – yes seriously the first time ever –  (thanks Eric and ultimately Rob Novak)
  • Meeting Csaba finally. I was very touched that he said to me that the reason he came to the conference was to listen to me speak. That’s really cool and very humbling!!
  • Meehans, how convenient and a fantastic way to encourage dialog
  • Pete Janzen, for so many things which brought a smile to my face 🙂
  • Spending time with Kathy, Brad, Eric, Steve, Richard and everyone else involved at the conference
  • and everything else I forgot……

thank you all 🙂


MWLUG 2015 – IBM Bluemix: Expand Your Horizons – Coolest demo ever !

In two weeks time Ryan Baxter and I will be taking the stage to talk about IBM Bluemix and how Domino/XPages developers have a whole new vista of opportunities open to this in IBM Bluemix.

I look forward to seeing many old friends and new faces there – please stick around to the end for what will hopefully be,

The coolest demonstration in the history of MWLUG


Thursday August 20th – 4:00pm AD105: IBM Bluemix: Expand Your Horizons


As a developer, you always need to add new tools to your developer tool belt.  Bluemix gives you many options to take what you already know and build upon it, allowing you to continuously reinvent yourself and your apps. Whether you are an XPages developer looking to leverage new technologies like Watson or Docker, or you want to start exploring new languages and frameworks like the MEAN stack, Bluemix has something to offer you.  Using the powerful deployment models and integration services in Bluemix, it is also easy to build solutions that combine the new with the old making it easy to build upon the work you have already done.  Expand your horizons, improve yourself and join us for a whirlwind tour of what Bluemix has to offer you!


Be there – or hear about it from your friends……….

Speaking at MWLUG 2015: WebSockets – “Pushing” the web forward

This year at the MWLUG conference in Atlanta I will be speaking about something near and dear to my heart – WebSockets.

I will introduce the concept and demonstrate the many advantages of using WebSockets over traditional HTTP requests. As always I have a number of demos, this year interactive ones that will require audience participation. If you are considering attending MWLUG I strongly encourage you to do so – there are a large number of excellent speakers, much to learn and much to share. It is always a great event.

Hopefully see you then 🙂


Since it’s inception XHR has been an asynchronous process of browsers requesting data from servers and waiting for a response. The constant polling to ask “Has something changed?”, “No”. “Has something changed?”, “No” is such a waste! WebSockets changes the paradigm and allows the server to “push” information to the browser, as an when it needs to. This reduces network traffic, allows multiple users to get notified at the same time, speeds up applications, makes developers happy and makes users happy. In this presentation Mark will introduce the concepts of WebSockets as a modern web technology, demonstrate how it works and provide numerous examples. Come and see how WebSockets will change your perception on how applications will work in the future.

Going to MWLUG 2014? You need to buy these guys a beer as well….

—->>>> Richard Moy <<<<—

He’s the guy you really need to thank for this event – without his dedication and enthusiasm, the most significant User Group meeting in North American this year would surely not happen.


Mike McGarel

helps on the web site,

Devin Olson

was the boots on the ground and help


Ray Bilyk


Be Warned though – Devin and Ray are VERY particular about their beer – Richard and Mike not so much – so ask first 😉

Going to MWLUG 2014? Buy Dave Leedy a beer

Yeah I know I have rattled on about this before but it holds as true today as it does any other day before.

Here is a list of reasons you should buy Dave Leedy a beer in case you were wondering…

1) really? You need a list?? Shame on you….

2) NotesIn9 has helped you – One of those videos by Dave, John, John, Brian, Chris, Graham, Jeremy, Mark, Mark, Paul, Peter, Steve, Tim, Chris, Paul, Josh, Dan, Niklas, Michael, Russ, Serdar, Sean, Mark, Brad, Frederick, Steve, Richard, Kathy, Stephan, Keith, Martin and Andrew (to name but a few) made you look better to your boss

3) Dave pays for this amazing service out of his personal pocket. By my reckoning $40 a month for 3+ years is well over $1000 dollars. A $5 beer is the LEAST you can do to repay him.

4) Dave refuses to take contributions – if it would make a difference I would do a kickstarter, but he’d refuse.

5) NotesIn9 is the largest repository of videos and tutorials, created by the largest number of different contributors in the IBM ICS community.

If he refuses to let you buy one, buy it anyway and put it in front of him. He’s going to be there for four nights so just do it.

Buy the man a beer – you owe him and it would be rude not to!!!

The line starts behind me……..join it !

Chart Directives and Dynamic Binding – MWLUG 2014 preview

Although not directly related to the purpose of the presentation I am going to demonstrate how to use an Angular.js chart directive to bind to the application service data and create dynamic charting within the application.


Changing the Zip for 1 Marky not only updates the data displayed – but also because of the data bind – auto-magically updates the chart


While this in itself does not directly relate to the write once and run anywhere nature of the presentation – it does demonstrate componentized Angular.js code writing which you *might* want to write once and run anywhere……

Come and see the presentation to find out more 🙂

Remember to stick around until the end I am on at 3pm Friday in the main room 🙂


Working on my MWLUG2014 presentation

Just wanted to show a work in progress – screenshots of what I am working on for MWLUG2014. Part of the presentation is showing how to make your Angular applications portable.

My sample app will be the one I created as part of the Angular in XPages series.

I will walk through the code and demonstrate how I can take this stand alone application


and insert it into this bootstrap demo dashboard application


creating this fully functional component capability within the dashboard



With only 4 lines of HTML and zero XPages dependency.

Come to MWLUG2014 in Grand Rapids Michigan and find out more


Make sure you plan to stick around to the end – I am not on until 3pm on Friday !!!