Five years of blogging and personal growth

So it’s been just over five years since my first blog post – I’d just been to an IBM conference and been inspired to do something about my career in a way I wasn’t expecting. To the day, it is five years since I registered My reasoning was to make myself more employable than I had ever been before. I wanted to get involved in the XPages community, express myself and see what happened……So a quick summary and time for self reflection. Five years ago I made the best decision of my professional career, and I had no idea what I was doing at the time ūüôā

  • 388 published blog posts (including this one)
  • 380,000 page views
  • Got a job at PSC¬†Group
  • Spoke 3 times at IBM’s global ICS conference
  • Spoke at InterConnect IBM’s global cloud conference
  • Spoke at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s global conference
  • Spoke remotely at a conference in Australia (that was weird but cool)
  • Spoke at a conference in the Netherlands
  • Spoke at a SharePoint conference
  • Spoke at multiple other events online and on stage
  • 3 times IBM ICS Champion
  • 1 time IBM Cloud Champion
  • 1 time Microsoft MVP

All in it’s worked out rather well actually. I’ve made some lifelong friends along the way, and got to work with some incredible people. It has been a blast and all because I stood up in front of several hundred people and made an ass of myself back in 2012….I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone ūüôā



Microsoft MVP for Office Development

This weekend I was thrilled to receive an¬†email from Microsoft announcing that I had been¬†recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Office Development technical community. This is a very natural evolution of my journey over the last two years since I branded out from nearly 20 years in IBM Domino. As I said about the xomino365 blog it was all about taking my skills on tour and seeing where it took me. While that blog served it’s purpose and I have come back to exclusively, I am very content with the place it took me.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those people who nominated me (that I am aware of): Theo, John, Rob, Michael, Ren? and I am sure others – I really appreciate your support and belief in me.

I also wanted to thank Lisa Anderson (MVP wrangler for the mid-west) and Simon Jaeger (MS developer advocate) for their encouragement and support. They helped me know I was on the right path and are now responsible for what they¬†helped create ūüėČ

Finally I wanted to thank John Quirk and @PSCGroup who have given me a job and platform to allow me to do what I do best. I really love my job and the people I work with.

This (as always) is going to be fun ūüôā


Thanks again


IBM Cloud Champion 2016-17

I am very flattered and honoured to be awarded in the first ever group of IBM Cloud Champions. It has been a really great year learning about IBM Bluemix and working with IBM ICS dev team on the XPages runtime capabilities.

I want to say thank you to those people who nominated me and encouraged me to look into Bluemix.

Thanks also need to go to PSC Group for giving me the job I love doing and the opportunity to look into cloud and other modern technologies. 

Combining Blogs – Office 365 content incoming

As some of you are no doubt aware, 7 months ago I started a new blog at and I have¬†been posting there about my¬†experiences and what I¬†have learned about Office 365 and integrating it with Domino and other applications. I created a separate blog to keep my IBM and MS lives separate because I initially saw them as separate aspects of my work life. I called the xomino365 blog the “taking my skills on tour” blog because I was very stubborn and refused to learn C#. What I found was that Microsoft has created a suite of tools which you would frankly not believe were Microsoft. In Redmond they¬†have embraced the web and open source technologies, something which would have been unheard of¬†years ago. I was able to write¬†everything I needed to in the MS world using JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

It has been quite the success for me. Over 30 blog posts since November 2015. While it has not exactly got recognized in overall number of reads (1300), the exposure has been excellent. Creating the blog and learning the examples has given me the ability to speak at ICONUS and Collab365 for which I am very grateful.

It has become abundantly clear to me that there is really no need to separate both halves of my work life and therefore I am bringing them together into what is the older, more high profile blog (this one). I will continue to reblog O365 articles to the site but will not be posting any more unique content there.

I will continue to post IBM related blogs here as well, it is not as if my life is not full of XPages applications on a daily basis as well. I took my skills on tour and I found them very applicable, so I am bringing it back home and we will see where this goes next.



Having trouble logging into – Could be Cookie overload…

Recently I have been having significant issues getting into IBM websites (Connections Cloud, Bluemix, PartnerWorld etc) and it seems to be because of too many cookies. I am just leaving this here for anyone who thinks they might have a similar issue. I have heard of multiple people also having the same issue recently.

  1. If you can’t get in but all your friends can
  2. If you get unauthorized messages but you don’t get a log in screen



Check in Incognito mode / Private mode / Porno Mode (or whatever you want to call it) and see if your link works. If it does then it is probably cookies.

From an webpage,

  • in Chrome hit F12 and open developer tools
  • Resources
  • view all the cookies


  • select the top one and start hitting DELETE DELETE DELETE and get rid of them all
  • F5 / refresh
  • and you are working again



There are resources/tool for clearing cookies in browsers but this is pretty quick.

In Internet Explorer





Thanks Eric !

Blisk – a web developer’s browser – first impressions

xomino to 365

On¬†the twitternet last Friday afternoon I¬†saw¬†this thing called ‚ÄúBlisk ‚Ästa web developer‚Äôs dream come true‚ÄĚ and frankly that sounds like fun !

and that lead me to ‚Äú‚Äú. This is a record of my first interaction with it and see how it goes. This is not a review ‚Äď this is just a record of OOOO shiney in action !!


I downloaded it¬†‚Äď I am not entirely sure that is asked me if I wanted do anything after I ran the installer‚Ķ..Windows only right now apparently.

Start up

I loaded it up and started to¬†type in the addressbar and it already knew my Chrome browser history¬†ūüėĪ


A nice handy start screen shows me the rapidly approaching features…



Loading up a responsive website

I loaded up one of my demo sites and was able to display it Real site, side by side with mobile iPhone


and  iPad

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Your customers to be: TEENS REACT TO WINDOWS 95

This has been kicking around on twitter for a few days and I thought it was funny and kinda brushed it off. Sat down and discussed it with *my* teenager last night and I was struck but its significance.¬†Not only is this depressingly funny as hell, this video also gives me an insight into the mindset of my customers to be. Sure it may be dramatized rather, but having spoken to my kid about it, not very much…….

Significant parts of this for me are:

  • That the expectations of waiting for something to happen, is absolutely non-existent for these¬†kids. Before the boot screen has finished loading they are already complaining about it taking too long.
  • It looks like windows but it is¬†impersonal – it looks dull and ancient – not as refined – it is blank, nothing is going on
  • If you go somewhere and there is no wifi – that is literally the worst thing that can happen to you

It’s funny – but more importantly – these kinds of people are already working in our¬†companies and before very long they will be the decision makers.