Having trouble logging into whatever.IBM.com – Could be Cookie overload…

Recently I have been having significant issues getting into IBM websites (Connections Cloud, Bluemix, PartnerWorld etc) and it seems to be because of too many cookies. I am just leaving this here for anyone who thinks they might have a similar issue. I have heard of multiple people also having the same issue recently.

  1. If you can’t get in but all your friends can
  2. If you get unauthorized messages but you don’t get a log in screen



Check in Incognito mode / Private mode / Porno Mode (or whatever you want to call it) and see if your link works. If it does then it is probably cookies.

From an IBM.com webpage,

  • in Chrome hit F12 and open developer tools
  • Resources
  • view all the cookies


  • select the top one and start hitting DELETE DELETE DELETE and get rid of them all
  • F5 / refresh
  • and you are working again



There are resources/tool for clearing cookies in browsers but this is pretty quick.

In Internet Explorer





Thanks Eric !


Blisk – a web developer’s browser – first impressions

xomino to 365

On the twitternet last Friday afternoon I saw this thing called “Blisk – a web developer’s dream come true” and frankly that sounds like fun !


and that lead me to “https://blisk.io/“. This is a record of my first interaction with it and see how it goes. This is not a review – this is just a record of OOOO shiney in action !!


I downloaded it – I am not entirely sure that is asked me if I wanted do anything after I ran the installer…..Windows only right now apparently.

Start up

I loaded it up and started to type in the addressbar and it already knew my Chrome browser history 😱


A nice handy start screen shows me the rapidly approaching features…



Loading up a responsive website

I loaded up one of my demo sites and was able to display it Real site, side by side with mobile iPhone


and  iPad

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Your customers to be: TEENS REACT TO WINDOWS 95

This has been kicking around on twitter for a few days and I thought it was funny and kinda brushed it off. Sat down and discussed it with *my* teenager last night and I was struck but its significance. Not only is this depressingly funny as hell, this video also gives me an insight into the mindset of my customers to be. Sure it may be dramatized rather, but having spoken to my kid about it, not very much…….

Significant parts of this for me are:

  • That the expectations of waiting for something to happen, is absolutely non-existent for these kids. Before the boot screen has finished loading they are already complaining about it taking too long.
  • It looks like windows but it is impersonal – it looks dull and ancient – not as refined – it is blank, nothing is going on
  • If you go somewhere and there is no wifi – that is literally the worst thing that can happen to you

It’s funny – but more importantly – these kinds of people are already working in our companies and before very long they will be the decision makers.


Speaking at Inform 2016 (no seriously, I am !)

Picture this – John Head and I are hanging out by the pool (working) in Las Vegas, and up turns Tony Holder. What could possibly go wrong………

Well as it turn out nothing went wrong and in fact something very cool started.

Tony was on his way to Australia (as you do) and he had been asked to present by the Inform 2016 organizers. Problem was he was short on material. Having seen John and I talk about Application Modernization and the Cloud at InterConnect, Tony came up with the idea of re-using our presentation (with our permission) and I would turn up and do the demos. Unfortunately I will not be in Australia for another 9 months so this will have to be a remote demo. But I am still speaking. Cool !!

Then – to make it more unbelievable and awesome – JH came up with the genius idea of roping Mat Newman and combing John’s and Mat’s Connect talk with John and mMarky’s InterConnect presentation.

This is going to be truly a unique experience !

For my part there are a cool demo of how we took a notes client application and took it through the modernization process from notes client, to responsible web app, to integration with IBM SmartCloud social and IBM Docs enabled. This is a genuine story of Application Modernization and the cloud.

Come and see Tony, Mat and Me (mostly seeing them and listening to me)

8am Friday March 11th, Sydney Australia


It’s 2016 – your application portfolio is being reviewed and scrutinized. Email and application platforms are being separated. Users’ expectations of their work experiences are higher than ever. But you’re invested in your Notes & Domino applications – what do you do? Looking through the lens of IBM ESS solutions, we will answer that question by providing a roadmap and experiences to help you choose the best path. We will deep dive into the five aspects of Application Modernization: User Experience, Social, Cloud, Mobile, & Modern Workflow. See demos of actual application transformations and the impact they have within an organization. Learn how new functionality in the products will make your journey easier. See live demos putting AM into practice.



Thank you for another great year, 2015

This post is a little later than in previous years, lots to reflect on.

My job has changed a lot this year, it has been quite an eye opener. It has been the best year of my professional career by far. I would love to be able to say that every year, but that is not always the case.

First of all I have to say a perverse thank you to Andrew Barickman for leaving PSC. His leaving has opened up new opportunities for me at PSC, not only in the XPages area but also outside of that. So having assumed Andrew’s XPages team responsibilities I can report a very successful end of year.

PSC now has a team of 10 XPage developers – TEN!! of which FIVE are IBM Champions. I am so proud of this team and the work they are putting out for our customers.

Thank you to John Quirk (my boss) for having the faith in me to be able to take over some of the XPages team responsibilities and to also allow me to broaden my technology reach and understanding to other areas within PSC.

Thanks have to go to John Head (6th PSC IBM Champion) who I have worked with very closely this year. The two of us work very well together in being able to identify opportunities, demonstrate capabilities and ultimately deliver solutions. John has helped me learn more about the sales process, sales pursuits and ultimately brought me closer to the PSC core which was always the point of me moving the Chicago.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for IBM Champion again. It is a privilege, it really is. I have all the gear and I wear it proudly (not just at work either). It really means something to be, to be a champion and I will cherish it as long as they will keep having me 🙂

Thanks to Mark Leusink for sharing the stage with me at Connect this year. Going down the Angular path back in 2014 was a very shrew decision for me and has allowed me to look at project architecture very differently ever since.

Thanks to Ryan Baxter for sharing the stage with me at MWLUG – remotely controlling an IoT Drone from an XPage is still IMHO the coolest XPages demo ever 🙂

Thanks to Pete Janzen, Martin Donnelley and the dev team in Ireland for working with me/PSC on the Bluemix XPages implementation and giving Toby and I the chance to speak with them on the topic.

Thanks to SocialBizUg for giving me the opportunity to join their team of content creators as the Clipping magazine guru guidance writer.

Thanks to all my co-conspirators on Twitter and Skype who make the day job even more enjoyable and keep me grounded – you know who you are 🙂

Thanks to David Leedy without whom none of this would have been possible starting 4 years ago.

Here’s to 2016 – already working on new opportunities and looking to hire more exceptional developers 🙂



IBM Champion 2016

I just wanted to say how honored I am to be nominated and accepted as an IBM Champion for the third year.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me – I really appreciate it and it is good to know that in a small way I make a difference.

It has been an interesting year, what with Bluemix and XPages coming together for me, job position changes within PSC and much more.

I cannot overstate this enough….Thank you


Here’s to an interesting 2016 🙂


PSC a year later: A new role and having so much fun

So just over a year ago I got a promotion at PSC and they asked me to go from being a remote worker to working out of the main office. It made sense for both of us and allowed me to learn more about the business, above and beyond developing/managing the projects I already had.

My wife and I moved the family to Schaumburg IL, from Northern Virginia. Everyone said Chicago was a wonderful place and #$!*in’ cold in the winter. They were right.

So another year on and my role has changed again, I am now a Principal Architect at PSC and the chair for the new Technical Committee. My role is designed to allow me and PSC to grow technically, improve overall delivery, support new sales opportunities and starting looking to new technologies on the horizon. I honestly have the role I have always wanted, not just the job(s) I could do. I am really excited.

Over the past few months ago things have been hectic in the XPages team at PSC. As well as the new role I have also inherited a number of responsibilities around our IBM technologies, vacated by Andrew when he moved on to a new position. I have broadened my outlook on technical stack, created my first Azure node.js application, created a docker container for the first time and created my first Cloud Hybrid application. The list of things I want to play with got a lot longer……!

As of this week are the busiest we have ever been with 6 full time XPages developers working on exciting projects ranging from Domino / Google Drive integration to a Bootstrap-enabled XPiNC application enabling offline project management work in rural Africa.

Joining PSC was the best thing I have ever done for myself, professionally. Moving to Schaumburg a year ago was the right thing to do and the right time.

I am really excited………and having so much fun 🙂