PSC Hosted Meetup: Internet of Things (IOT) in the Cloud and Why Industries Care

I approached the IBM Cloud Chicago team, back in November last year,  about hosting an Bluemix focused Meetup event in the Chicago suburbs during a lunchtime. I felt that downtown Chicago from 6-8pm on a weekday evening excludes a large number of people who would otherwise like to attend, and they agreed!

With that in mind we set a plan in motion to organize a meeting and get some of the IoT industry’s foremost experts to come and share their knowledge and experience with us. In Skip Snyder and Mark Peterson, I believe we have accomplished just that.

I met Skip and Mark last week when I was at InterConnect in Las Vegas. They gave me a preview of what was in store for this meetup and I am really excited about it. This meetup is going to be very industry focused and deal with the “why should I?” not so much of the “how do I?”. There are going to be some very pertinent examples from real industry engagements IBM has worked on.

If you are in the area and able to attend please follow the link below, it’s going to be very informative.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016 (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM)

This event is designed for business leaders and executives to understand from a business perspective what  Internet of Things (IOT) is, how technology has changed driving IOT’s dominance in business discussions today and then focus on IOT case studies.

Case studies will be used to demonstrate how companies  are changing the way they engage do business because of what IOT makes possible.  The focus industries examples will come from Manufacturing, Transportation Logistics and Healthcare.

Skip Synder IBM Partner – Internet Of Things and Asset Management, Global CoC, Global Business Services and Mark Peterson Partner and Global Lead, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things and Asset Management IBM Global Business Services will be the speakers for the event.



We will be following this meetup in a month or so with a developer focused Bluemix “How?” meetup which will be hands on with the actual technology.