Combining Blogs – Office 365 content incoming

As some of you are no doubt aware, 7 months ago I started a new blog at and I have been posting there about my experiences and what I have learned about Office 365 and integrating it with Domino and other applications. I created a separate blog to keep my IBM and MS lives separate because I initially saw them as separate aspects of my work life. I called the xomino365 blog the “taking my skills on tour” blog because I was very stubborn and refused to learn C#. What I found was that Microsoft has created a suite of tools which you would frankly not believe were Microsoft. In Redmond they have embraced the web and open source technologies, something which would have been unheard of years ago. I was able to write everything I needed to in the MS world using JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

It has been quite the success for me. Over 30 blog posts since November 2015. While it has not exactly got recognized in overall number of reads (1300), the exposure has been excellent. Creating the blog and learning the examples has given me the ability to speak at ICONUS and Collab365 for which I am very grateful.

It has become abundantly clear to me that there is really no need to separate both halves of my work life and therefore I am bringing them together into what is the older, more high profile blog (this one). I will continue to reblog O365 articles to the site but will not be posting any more unique content there.

I will continue to post IBM related blogs here as well, it is not as if my life is not full of XPages applications on a daily basis as well. I took my skills on tour and I found them very applicable, so I am bringing it back home and we will see where this goes next.



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