“Office 365 Add-Ins – a web developer’s playground” – presentation from Collab365 conference now live

Last week I presented at my first non-IBM conference and it was a total blast. At PSC, we see a number of customers who are doing mail migrations who still need to integrate their remaining business critical systems with Office 365. Office Add-Ins, especially in the context of mail and workflow are a great way to look at this integration problem.

The collab365 conference required me to prerecord the presentation and it was streamed at the agenda time. This allowed me to sit in the side chat and talk to the people watching the presentation. This increased interaction and with hindsight I should have worked it more.

This recording is similar to the presentation I gave at ICONUS and Engage.ug this year, but not specifically focused on XPages/Domino integration. The XPages/Domino examples are all in here though and also an example of integration with Watson Tone analysis.

All the presentation from the Collab365 conference are now available and can be accessed here – you will need to create a free registration to get at them all.


Hope you enjoy, there is a lot to learn and a lot of interesting possibilities with the new Office Add-In model.


10 thoughts on ““Office 365 Add-Ins – a web developer’s playground” – presentation from Collab365 conference now live

  1. Hi Mark. Great session. Is there any way you can share the source of the example even with disguised source to your sources?
    Cannot find anything on net regarding the external sources and how they can be shown in add-in.

    • Hi Mark. I have added my web to Azure and can see my page. I am looking for a way to get the context that has been found by regular expression back to my code so I can process that. Like an ID with specific format.
      Even if you know any resource online that would be appreciated.

  2. Is this what you are looking for? Here is the regular expression I used in the example and the manifest representation of that

    For making your own RegularExpressions there are lots of sites you can google to help built them – they are not pleasant beasts though.

    • oh man it cut all the XML

      <Rule xsi:type=”RuleCollection” Mode=”And”><Rule xsi:type=”ItemHasRegularExpressionMatch” PropertyName=”BodyAsPlaintext” RegExName=”WorkflowId Check” RegExValue=”Workflow\sId:\s[0-9|a-z|A-Z]{4}” IgnoreCase=”true” /></Rule>

  3. I am actually looking to pass the result of this regular expression (say it found workflowId:1234) back to the form so it knows which form with that id has to be shown.
    Like when you opened the form and approved that and next time you opened that again it was approved as it was aware of id.
    How did you pass the result of regular expression to the form?

    • oh I used it to open a hyperlink with the workflow ID as a query String parameter.

      The action on the Add-In read the body of the email, used a regularExpression to extract the contents of the workflowid: and then I opened an iFrame passing the value in.

      I should blog about that technique – good idea thanks……..will do 🙂

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