Your customers to be: TEENS REACT TO WINDOWS 95

This has been kicking around on twitter for a few days and I thought it was funny and kinda brushed it off. Sat down and discussed it with *my* teenager last night and I was struck but its significance. Not only is this depressingly funny as hell, this video also gives me an insight into the mindset of my customers to be. Sure it may be dramatized rather, but having spoken to my kid about it, not very much…….

Significant parts of this for me are:

  • That the expectations of waiting for something to happen, is absolutely non-existent for these kids. Before the boot screen has finished loading they are already complaining about it taking too long.
  • It looks like windows but it is impersonal – it looks dull and ancient – not as refined – it is blank, nothing is going on
  • If you go somewhere and there is no wifi – that is literally the worst thing that can happen to you

It’s funny – but more importantly – these kinds of people are already working in our companies and before very long they will be the decision makers.


3 thoughts on “Your customers to be: TEENS REACT TO WINDOWS 95

  1. Kinda explains why most millenials don’t believe the moon landing ever happened, since that was well before iPhones. Time to get my old Commodore 64 out of my parents’ garage, methinks.

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