Speaking at MWLUG 2015: WebSockets – “Pushing” the web forward

This year at the MWLUG conference in Atlanta I will be speaking about something near and dear to my heart – WebSockets.

I will introduce the concept and demonstrate the many advantages of using WebSockets over traditional HTTP requests. As always I have a number of demos, this year interactive ones that will require audience participation. If you are considering attending MWLUG I strongly encourage you to do so – there are a large number of excellent speakers, much to learn and much to share. It is always a great event.

Hopefully see you then 🙂


Since it’s inception XHR has been an asynchronous process of browsers requesting data from servers and waiting for a response. The constant polling to ask “Has something changed?”, “No”. “Has something changed?”, “No” is such a waste! WebSockets changes the paradigm and allows the server to “push” information to the browser, as an when it needs to. This reduces network traffic, allows multiple users to get notified at the same time, speeds up applications, makes developers happy and makes users happy. In this presentation Mark will introduce the concepts of WebSockets as a modern web technology, demonstrate how it works and provide numerous examples. Come and see how WebSockets will change your perception on how applications will work in the future.