An introduction to creating Domino applications in the Bluemix environment – SocialBizUg Webinar July 23rd

I am very happy to announce that on July 23rd, myself and Toby Samples, will be presenting a SocialBizUg webinar with the illustrious Martin Donnelly.

The topic as the title suggests is an introduction to creating Domino applications in Bluemix.

A link for the event is provided below – We look forward to showing you this exciting new capability.



Companies are looking to the cloud more and more for cost savings and to facilitate the creation of new modern applications. Join this webcast to find out how Bluemix – IBM’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud offering – can help create applications quickly, securely, and in a scalable manner. Get an introduction to Bluemix, what it offers, and more specifically how XPages and REST play a role key in it.
Join this webcast and learn how to:

  • Easily get Bluemix up and running and how to create your own XPages applications quickly.
  • Integrate with the other services available within the Bluemix ecosystem.
  • Maximize the new and exciting possibilities this integration opens up to the Domino community.


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