This is the best part of what I do – sharing ideas.

Thanks to David Leedy for taking this at ConnectED in Orlando 2015 – check out the link at the bottom – what you can do with Google Photo is pretty cool apparently.

I was wondering around between sessions and someone came up and started asking me about Angular in XPages (which was the presentation I was giving with Mark Leusink later that day). So I got out the laptop, and set up on on the piano. It was outside of one of the conference rooms and made a convenient place for a demo. This “demo” then grew as other people came over to see what we were talking about.

I met a number of new people and we had a fantastic conversation about XPages, non-XPages, Angular.js and just stuff in general. It gave me an idea that I should just do this more often at any conference – hey, going to be on the piano outside the room at the time – come and talk let’s see where it goes.

Very good memories 🙂

Check out the animated version 🙂



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