Who? Me? SocialBizUg Clippings guru Guidance

So the great and phenomenal Sir. Julian Robicheaux has decided to pass the torch and retire from the SocialBizUg Clippings Guru Guidance articles. We are all grateful to him for sharing his vast knowledge with us.

So you can imagine my horror and surprise when I was asked to take over the Guru articles. How could I possibly follow the great one ?!? I was of course very flattered and I really hope that I am able to carry on the legacy 🙂

Starting next month I will be contributing bi-monthly to the Clippings magazine and I will be talking about Bluemix and XPages. I really see Bluemix and XPages as an amazing opportunity for all of us to learn something new, while being grounded in what we already know.

You can sign up to get Clippings in your SocialBizUg profile. 

The newsletters are also posted to this wiki every month: https://www.socialbizug.org/wikis/home?lang=en-us#!/wiki/Newsletters/page/Clippings
As always – this is going to be fun 🙂

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