Bluemix docker documentation update

Sunday night I commented on the Bluemix document site that the instructions did not work for the windows installed version of boot2docker.

Only yesterday I posted the following image taken from the site last Friday night


and commented how it didn’t work and I had to use curl.

I found this, this evening….


How cool is that – I have no idea if my comments/blog post was the reason for the change, but it certainly can’t have hurt.

If you see something wrong, do the right thing and report it and get it fixed for other people 🙂

It also goes to show that a program in BETA is going to undergo some refining – that is kinda the point of being in BETA. I am very impressed at the response time for the changes and I can only hope that the final version is better than what I had to go through.


The other thing of course is that yesterday’s blog is now total rubbish (facepalm)

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