Speedgeeking at ConnectED – Monday at 6:16pm – XPages and Bluemix

Warning – Blatant Self promotion time (“which is different from normal how Marky” – yeah yeah whatever)

Next week I will be at ConnectED in Orlando and for those of you who are going I am doing the aforementioned talk with Mark Leusink and also Speedgeeking.

6:15pm in the TechOasis (free beer) – 5 minutes on XPages and Bluemix – I am going to do a live demo which will either totally rock or fall flat on its face. I know I risk the “help” of “friends” but I think this might be very cool.

For more information go HERE


and search for speedgeeking

Come over and say Hi Monday evening – you do not have to speedgeek every table (shhh) just come and say hi

Make sure you have a QR Code reader on your phone as well 😉



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