BTE102: The Demonstration application –

In the previous post  I described how Mark Leusink and I are going to be speaking about Angular.js in our presentation at ConnectED later this month.

We are very proud to announce the demonstration application upon which the presentation will be based

This application was created by Mark Leusink and is an amazing example of how simple an Angular application can be integrated with Domino data. The application is fully responsive and is particularly nice to use on a mobile device. All credit goes to Mark for this, I am very flattered to be talking with such an astute and talented developer. You can find out more about the application from Mark’s blog –

The application is running on a Domino server.



During the presentation we will demonstrate how we got the application to work on a node server hosted in Bluemix and also demonstrate the application running on SharePoint, IBM Connections and as a native Mobile application.

If you are still not sure, listen to Pete Janzen talk about his recommendations for the conference 😉

Write once – run anywhere………………. !

26 thoughts on “BTE102: The Demonstration application –

  1. OK, Impressed @Mark and @Marky, I was going to ask the question why is it not just a web site but I have opened it on my phone, gone into airplane mode and the bloody thing still works !

    Hats off, I am well impressed.

    • Yeah: thanks for pointing that out!

      I’ve added the missing R1 sessions. You might need to clear the browser’s cache to view them directly, since the sessions are cached locally for a couple of hours.

      • Thanks for handling this. Since you wrote that your data source was Mat Newman’s .nsf,, did you contact him about this? I haven’t looked at his .nsf yet, so I couldn’t be sure where the error was.

        In any case, beers for all three of you if I see you.

      • They’re Ok in (Mat’s) TUTU database: it was some code of mine that messed things up.

  2. Thanks I have seen this before. Was hoping I can locate your actual presentation rather than just slide.

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