Because developers make mistakes – Webstorm Local History

Similar to Eclipse, Webstorm has a local history capability, allowing the developer who realizes they made an idiot mistake an hour ago, to go back to it and save their day.

We’ve all been there and while committing to source control is a must for modern development, there are those times in between commits and then those when you are just too lazy to go through the repo looking for it.

Local History

Local History is always enabled in Webstorm – for the official help check here.

Under the VCS Menu you will find Local History. Open the file you want to view the history form and then


This will then show you not only the local history between saves – but also the Source Control Commits – sweeeet !



You can then copy back the changes, revert and or play with the changes you have made as they are highlighted between the current version and the selected old one




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