Opening an XPage in XPiNC and passing Query_String parameters

I was very pleasantly surprised to find this works – coincidentally – twice this week someone has asked this question – can I open an XPage in XPiNC directly? I thought the answer was no……and not for the first (and/or last) time I was wrong.

The answer lies here –

To prove it I created a plain XPage and added the firebugLite custom control

The following XPiNC URL


Pasted that URL into a browser and that successfully opened the XPage in question. I was able to show the location.href and therefore the Query_String passed in like this:



Sweet !!



One thought on “Opening an XPage in XPiNC and passing Query_String parameters

  1. It’s always interesting which nooks and crannies each of us hasn’t gone down. With our main app having been designed as XPiNC only, that was well-known here. I even have an ExtJS grid based off your examples that I have them load in the browser, but that double clicks open the old Notes document.

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