Going to MWLUG 2014? Buy Dave Leedy a beer

Yeah I know I have rattled on about this before but it holds as true today as it does any other day before.

Here is a list of reasons you should buy Dave Leedy a beer in case you were wondering…

1) really? You need a list?? Shame on you….

2) NotesIn9 has helped you – One of those videos by Dave, John, John, Brian, Chris, Graham, Jeremy, Mark, Mark, Paul, Peter, Steve, Tim, Chris, Paul, Josh, Dan, Niklas, Michael, Russ, Serdar, Sean, Mark, Brad, Frederick, Steve, Richard, Kathy, Stephan, Keith, Martin and Andrew (to name but a few) made you look better to your boss

3) Dave pays for this amazing service out of his personal pocket. By my reckoning $40 a month for 3+ years is well over $1000 dollars. A $5 beer is the LEAST you can do to repay him.

4) Dave refuses to take contributions – if it would make a difference I would do a kickstarter, but he’d refuse.

5) NotesIn9 is the largest repository of videos and tutorials, created by the largest number of different contributors in the IBM ICS community.

If he refuses to let you buy one, buy it anyway and put it in front of him. He’s going to be there for four nights so just do it.

Buy the man a beer – you owe him and it would be rude not to!!!

The line starts behind me……..join it !

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