Chart Directives and Dynamic Binding – MWLUG 2014 preview

Although not directly related to the purpose of the presentation I am going to demonstrate how to use an Angular.js chart directive to bind to the application service data and create dynamic charting within the application.


Changing the Zip for 1 Marky not only updates the data displayed – but also because of the data bind – auto-magically updates the chart


While this in itself does not directly relate to the write once and run anywhere nature of the presentation – it does demonstrate componentized Angular.js code writing which you *might* want to write once and run anywhere……

Come and see the presentation to find out more 🙂

Remember to stick around until the end I am on at 3pm Friday in the main room 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chart Directives and Dynamic Binding – MWLUG 2014 preview

  1. I would really like to be able to attend just for this presentation alone. I have a dashboard application using DOJO charting and am very interested in the dynamic binding aspect as well.

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