Taking back productivity in Domino Designer (a NotesIn9 production)

Yeah it has been a while (over 18 months) since the last time I did a NotesIn9 video but it finally happened again.

NotesIn9 149:  Database Resources and Design Definition

Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Dave needs to work on his attention grabbing heading show names. I would have called it something more like this – but then who am I to complain – it is not my show after all 😉

NotesIn9 149:  Taking back productivity in Domino Designer 

This video revolves around some simple but not always well known facts about working with Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE). When you use Database Resources and custom controls they slow up designer significantly. XPages developers unnecessarily put up with it and just curse out the DDE slowness. Take back your productivity and make your XPages quick again.

Using some architecting tips and the Design Definition within a custom control you can:

  • Speed up designer significantly
  • Continue to take advantage of the database resources
  • Layout your code in a more readable fashion within the DDE Design Pane
  • Take back your productivity in Domino Designer


Thanks as always to Dave for doing Notes In 9 – if you see Dave at MWLUG, ConnectED or any other time – buy that man a beer !!



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