Speaking at MWLUG 2014: Write once, run anywhere – Angular.js in XPages

I am very fortunate and excited to announce that I have been accepted to speak at MWLUG 2014.

MWLUG will always have a fond place in my heart because I had my first speaking session there back in 2012 and had such a fantastic time it pushed me to do more.

I will speak speaking about Angular.js and the opportunity it avails us as Web Developers. We all know IBM Domino is arguably to world’s most secure and mature NoSQL database. So we will take a look at how we can use it like a NoSQL database. Using the power of the data, some REST services and Angular managing the front end functionality, we are able to do some amazing things.

Come and see what Angular can do and how you can write a “Domino” application once and run the front end on any server you like…..



The business requirement to surface functionality from one application inside of another has long existed and is often difficult to implement. There has always been a gulf between displaying data and creating a functional application. Mark will demonstrate how the power of building a solution based on Angular.js allows an application to be “moved” from Domino to another platform easily and with the bare minimum of code re-write. Taking “Write once, use anywhere” in the literal sense, you will see how to make Domino applications running natively inside of other platforms. Client side frameworks such as Angular.js are the future of web development – come and see it in action.

11 thoughts on “Speaking at MWLUG 2014: Write once, run anywhere – Angular.js in XPages

  1. I wish I could attend. The ability to move applications is a much sought after Holy Grail. I will look at your other articles on Angular.js in hopes it can lead me down that path.

  2. I am from a Domino background (a member of DCLUG), currently diving into Angular/MEAN, and have been reading your posts/following your journey with great interest. I look forward to finding out more from your great posts about how to structure Angular to make apps portable.

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