Hi Chicago – what changed?

Well it has been on the cards now for 6 months but we finally did it. My family and I moved from Virginia to Chicago and I have started working out of the PSC office in Schaumburg, IL.

I was asked nearly 18 months ago if I would consider moving, but for mostly family reasons it took a year or so to organize and agree this was the right thing to do for my career and just as importantly for the family. Working at home has been wonderful for the past two years. But it was also a little limiting from a growth perspective and this move is the right thing for me and PSC.

Initially on a day to day basis nothing really changes – the great team I work with are the same, the great technologies I get to play with stay the same. From a career perspective, this move brings me closer to the business. Over time I get to grow professionally in a new area.

From a personal perspective I still get to play with the technologies I love and have the freedom to explore new ones. I *really* enjoy my job which is a good thing because I know what it is like to really *not* enjoy my job. Those times are long past now.


On a practical note, I am able to get the bus to work – this is fantastic!! 5 minutes walk from the house and I get dropped off 10 minutes from the office. $50 a month rather than a $300 a month car payment.

I was in the “Beverage Depot” the other night and I commented to the kids that “this is a lot of beer” and someone overhead me and said “well that’s ‘cos we drink a lot of it around here….”

So far – I think this is going to work out juuust fine 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hi Chicago – what changed?

  1. Congratulations Marky! Being a former PSC employee, I can say with confidence you will love working out of the Schaumburg office. Great people, great technology and a great area to live / work in. I hope our paths can cross in the near future and I can buy you a beer right next to the office at Stonewood Ale House. A favorite haunt for beer and good times! Say hi to Ken and Alex and all the other Notes folks for me!

  2. Congrats on the move. We’ll miss you here in DC, but we’ll also see you on the circuit!

    Need to connect you with Frank Zamarrippa, who also recently relocated to Chicagoland and is also a technology guy.

  3. Mark, welcome to Chicago. Chicago is a very diverse set of communities. I believe you will like it here. There are many different things to try and do. What you will miss is the rolling hills and terrain that DC has. It is just totally flat here. And yes there are many many microbreweries here and growing. Plus you have Wisconsin and Michigan. You will like what we have chosen for the MWLUG Thursday event in Grand Rapids. Signing the papers today.

  4. Chapeau, have a great time there! I’m really able to relate with moving to another city/area because of the career perspective and work in general. If it fits well then there’s nothing about it – except from the massive work of “moving” (I hate carrying transport boxes since then as my girlfriend owns >10.000 books). For me this is 10 years now that I moved from Berlin to Dresden – and I/we never regret it. So hopefully you won’t do either 🙂

  5. Welcome to Chicagoland! Binny’s is a good place to buy beer for sure! Richard is right about Chicago’s diversity. That is one of the things I really like about it here. I think you and your family will really enjoy it here.

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