Taking back productivity in Domino Designer (a NotesIn9 production)

Yeah it has been a while (over 18 months) since the last time I did a NotesIn9 video but it finally happened again.

NotesIn9 149:  Database Resources and Design Definition

Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Dave needs to work on his attention grabbing heading show names. I would have called it something more like this – but then who am I to complain – it is not my show after all 😉

NotesIn9 149:  Taking back productivity in Domino Designer 

This video revolves around some simple but not always well known facts about working with Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE). When you use Database Resources and custom controls they slow up designer significantly. XPages developers unnecessarily put up with it and just curse out the DDE slowness. Take back your productivity and make your XPages quick again.

Using some architecting tips and the Design Definition within a custom control you can:

  • Speed up designer significantly
  • Continue to take advantage of the database resources
  • Layout your code in a more readable fashion within the DDE Design Pane
  • Take back your productivity in Domino Designer


Thanks as always to Dave for doing Notes In 9 – if you see Dave at MWLUG, ConnectED or any other time – buy that man a beer !!


The consummate Champion

As Russ Maher said today in Hey Who got the Handsome Champion it is an honor and a privilege to not only be recognized by IBM as a Champion for ICS 2014, but you also get some very cool stuff. Thanks to Amanda Bauman and Oliver Heinz for organizing “the champions” and all the gear. I just wonder what I am going to do with all of it 🙂





Seriously though, I am very humbled to be an IBM Champion !

Thank you to everyone who nominated me and made this possible 🙂


Web Components – Entering the ShadowDOM….

Web Components – the future

You should first ground yourself on Web Components and read this article on Web Components and concepts, ShadowDOM, imports, templates, custom elements by Todd Motto.

Then listen to this Podcast (thanks to Steve for pointing it out) – Web Components with Peter Gasston

Once you have read/listened you will have some idea and concept about Web Components and how they are the future…..

But what I wanted to show briefly was how to enable the ShadowDOM in Chrome and what that can do for you in a cool kinda way.

HTML5 Elements

If you create a simple <input type=”number”> field on an HTML5 page you will now get a “Number Picker” which is more than just an Input field


And if you look at that through the web explorer (F12) you will see the HTML Markup for that


Enabling ShadowDOM

Within the Web Dev Tools for Chrome you can click on the settings button and within there under General “Show user agent shadow DOM”



And then if we look at our Number field again you will see it is actually marked up HTML which we did not see before.



The HTML5 number field is actually an HTML field marked up with HTML and JavaScript running within the browser. This is the fundamental concept behind Web Components – make a simple piece of HTML tag input but behind the scene do a whole load of cool things to make it functional.


Cool eh 🙂


Speaking at MWLUG 2014: Write once, run anywhere – Angular.js in XPages

I am very fortunate and excited to announce that I have been accepted to speak at MWLUG 2014.

MWLUG will always have a fond place in my heart because I had my first speaking session there back in 2012 and had such a fantastic time it pushed me to do more.

I will speak speaking about Angular.js and the opportunity it avails us as Web Developers. We all know IBM Domino is arguably to world’s most secure and mature NoSQL database. So we will take a look at how we can use it like a NoSQL database. Using the power of the data, some REST services and Angular managing the front end functionality, we are able to do some amazing things.

Come and see what Angular can do and how you can write a “Domino” application once and run the front end on any server you like…..



The business requirement to surface functionality from one application inside of another has long existed and is often difficult to implement. There has always been a gulf between displaying data and creating a functional application. Mark will demonstrate how the power of building a solution based on Angular.js allows an application to be “moved” from Domino to another platform easily and with the bare minimum of code re-write. Taking “Write once, use anywhere” in the literal sense, you will see how to make Domino applications running natively inside of other platforms. Client side frameworks such as Angular.js are the future of web development – come and see it in action.

Hi Chicago – what changed?

Well it has been on the cards now for 6 months but we finally did it. My family and I moved from Virginia to Chicago and I have started working out of the PSC office in Schaumburg, IL.

I was asked nearly 18 months ago if I would consider moving, but for mostly family reasons it took a year or so to organize and agree this was the right thing to do for my career and just as importantly for the family. Working at home has been wonderful for the past two years. But it was also a little limiting from a growth perspective and this move is the right thing for me and PSC.

Initially on a day to day basis nothing really changes – the great team I work with are the same, the great technologies I get to play with stay the same. From a career perspective, this move brings me closer to the business. Over time I get to grow professionally in a new area.

From a personal perspective I still get to play with the technologies I love and have the freedom to explore new ones. I *really* enjoy my job which is a good thing because I know what it is like to really *not* enjoy my job. Those times are long past now.


On a practical note, I am able to get the bus to work – this is fantastic!! 5 minutes walk from the house and I get dropped off 10 minutes from the office. $50 a month rather than a $300 a month car payment.

I was in the “Beverage Depot” the other night and I commented to the kids that “this is a lot of beer” and someone overhead me and said “well that’s ‘cos we drink a lot of it around here….”

So far – I think this is going to work out juuust fine 🙂