Angular.js in XPages #2 – Setting up a Webstorm / Domino development environment

In this article I will show how to set up Domino in a flexible manner to store our Angular applications, while still being able to use Webstorm as our development platform.

Creating an Angular App in a Domino database

All credit for this idea goes to my boss Andrew Barickman – he came up with the idea and it is genius 🙂

Ultimately we want to create an application which resides within the security model of a Domino database with as little, if any, effort as possible. In a large part this means access control. We are going to look at creating an HTML file within the WebContent area, within a Domino database – but that causes pain and suffering if I want to use Webstorm. Webstorm cannot access a file which is held within the database directly.

So what we are going to do is create an On Disk project for the database as if we were going to use Source Control (which you should do anyway).


Once located on the disk we can then point Webstorm at the On Disk Project


In Domino Designer make sure the following is set

  • Build Automatically
  • Auto refresh set to be on
  • AutoSync Source Control



Starting with this page


We add “Marky” to Webstorm and SAVE


Note: If you do not have refresh automatically turned on and you actually try and open the file through DDE you will see an error – if you see this, turn on refresh automatically 🙂



If you see the error – Hit F9 – which cause the refresh / sync to occur


And it is pushed up to your database copy


With auto refresh and sync turned on it may take a few seconds to make it up to your dev server. It then properly resides within Domino’s access security model.

This method also works from DDE back to Webstorm – if you make a change in DDE it will automatically update the Webstorm file if it is open.

Other approaches

I know Mark Barton has a different Domino/Webstorm setup and he has blogged about that setup himself….. 🙂

In the mean time in the next article we will look at creating our first very basic app.

6 thoughts on “Angular.js in XPages #2 – Setting up a Webstorm / Domino development environment

    • thanks as ever for the comment Sven – Definitely a cool idea – but that looks way harder than the way I am doing it now.

  1. I am following your article with grate interest. And have set up my own Webstorm/Domino environment. Do someone now if its possible to work with Domino server side javascript (*.jss) file in Webstorm. Adding Dominos own library to Webstorm so we could use code-completion, intellisense etc?

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