And the gloves are off……

Picture this: I have been away for 5 days and during that time “someone” has been posting cryptic comments on twitter about how the next notesin9 is going to be different….and scaring me.

So I am waiting at the airport this afternoon, about to board my plane home and I get this link from this “friend” who tells me to watch the new video it and enjoy. I download it and watch it on the plane. People start to look at me funny as I start to snort and giggle at my phone.

I am sitting here are 30,000 feet laughing my ass off at the video. Not only at the brutal use of apparently free Child labor, the amazing feminine  likeness of my voice and the awesome lip synching 🙂

The video is of course the latest notesin9 episode 141 and for the record Dave is smarter than he let’s on!

Dave is a good friend and I metaphorically love him to bits – I loved the episode – loved the fact that he took so much time to create it – love the creativity – love the humor / love love love. Thank you I am very flattered.

The gloves are off is a reference I get, something to do with Canadians and this guy called Neal who plays for the Penguins…..I dunno…anyway….

Dave’s overall point is right, horses for courses, the right language for the job and the right job for the customer.

He is right that front end and back end  are 50% equal in importance. The end user doesn’t care about back end and it has 0% importance to them. Your IT manager cares nearly 100% about the back end code and making it maintainable. Who is your customer? 😉

This healthy discussion will go on forever apparently and only serves to demonstrate how complex XPages can be. To IBM’s credit they have created a technology which is equally at home as:

The original and arguably still best secure NoSQL data store who’s primary task is serving JSON to a JavaScript framework such as Angular or backbone

An interoperable, integration platform which provides an application building capabilities with simple drag and drop data controls and a powerful back end data parsing capabilities.

and everything in between.

Love ya Dave 🙂 thanks for the laugh.

I can’t wait to get off the plane and see everyone else’s reaction 🙂

Next time we have a beer I’ll point out the significant errors in your video 😉

3 thoughts on “And the gloves are off……

  1. I just watched David’s excellent video; he makes some great points. Plus it was highly entertaining and, contrary to his precursor, educational. But I can’t help thinking the he and others have misread your original post. Or maybe I misread it. I didn’t take it as an “either Java or JavaScript” essay; just literally what the title said: “one is more critical to web dev using XPages”. I thought your post was spot on, still do. It does seem to gel with some other posts by other bloggers around frameworks/libraries/REST/JSON; and definitely resonates with some thoughts I’ve been having in my day job efforts. But I’ll re-read it, again. Either way, looking forward to the continuing discussion on this.

    • Thank you for saying that Tony – Dave also missed the point in the video a couple of times but that is OK because it furthers the knowledge out there for others to make up their own minds 🙂

    • “I can’t help thinking the he and others have misread your original post.”

      Ummm… he pulls the exact text from the original post and quotes it. How can that be misreading?

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