Exciting changes for 2014 – moving to Chicago

2013 was a fantastic year for the PSC XPages team. We completed work on the world’s largest XPages project, started work for a number of new customers and early in 2014 we are actively looking to hire the best XPages developers available . It is a very exciting time to be taking a leading role within the largest XPages consultancy practice in North America.

With all this comes the opportunity for advancement. I am very pleased to announce that I have been promoted from Senior Consultant to Engagement Manager, and I will be moving from Virginia to Chicago with the family in the summer.

My involvement with the XPages development team has evolved over the past 12 months from that of technical lead to project lead and with that comes different roles and responsibilities within the team. I am not giving up development by any means and although the position is not Engagement “Developer” I will still be very hands on my projects.

I want to thank the entire PSC Collaboration practice and especially the XPage team for their collective efforts over the last 18 months. Without their success and enthusiasm there wouldn’t be a need for someone to take on this role.

I want to thank John Quirk and Andrew Barickman for giving me this opportunity to progress within the company and showing their faith in my abilities and commitment to the company.

Earlier this week in Chicago the temperature was described as somewhere between Antarctica and Neptune, my wife is thrilled……


16 thoughts on “Exciting changes for 2014 – moving to Chicago

  1. Best of luck with the move, hope all goes well, weather could be worse for you, a move to England right now you would need a periscope just to get out of the house.

  2. Mark, just to add my public congratulations here and note that the DCLUG will miss you. Of course, that also means that now you can be a GUEST speaker instead!

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