Lowering your ODS – an oldie but goodie

After Connect this year I tried to post my Ext JS sample database on my demo site and most users were reporting unsupported notes version. I did some digging and it turns out that amongst everything else R9.0.1 has a newer ODS (52) and therefore would not run on a lower than R9.0.1 server/client.

So after much idiocy and locally encrypted stupidity on my part, I did a search around and found/remembered that you can reduce the ODS aaaaaall the way back to 20 by doing this

  • File – Application – New Copy
  • Name the file .NS4 (backwards compatible to R4 no less)
  • Rename the .ns4 as a .nsf
  • and it worked !!

Obviously XPages will not work on an R4 server – but by reducing the ODS it make it compatible with the R8.5.x servers

Bizarrely enough it was also quite significantly smaller than the nsf copies I was creating ODS 52

6 thoughts on “Lowering your ODS – an oldie but goodie

  1. Hi Mark,

    other endings like .ns8 should work, too.
    or .ns7
    or .ns6
    Good to remind us of this – reverting the ODS by copying the DB has been a life saver for me more than once πŸ˜‰

    Best regards – Michael

    • It could even be done in LotusScript, using NotesDatabase.CompactWithOptions (“R”) avoiding having to deal with those evil administrator types. (Used the documentation to learn this today on reading the comment.)

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