IBM Worklight Connect 14 supporting Information

Thank you to all who attended the session at IBM Connect this week.

If you want to see the slides for the presentation you can find them here

The link to download and install Worklight

Install Juno 4.2.2 (SR2)
(Eclipse IDE for Java Developers)
In Eclipse, click on Help\Eclipse Marketplace
and search for Worklight

Once we have the code for the demonstration available we will update the post

5 thoughts on “IBM Worklight Connect 14 supporting Information

  1. Nice to see that Worklight Studio also runs in Kepler… as opposed to Domino Designer, which is still based on Ganymede. Or is it Europa? I can’t even remember anymore.

    • I’m not sure that the moons of Jupiter had been discovered when The eclipse that DDE is based on was released.

    • Getting into it is very little actually – John is going to do a NotesIn9 on it to show how easy it is.

      I think the tool is aimed at BIG enterprise, but then what isn’t from IBM?

      It is not cheap that is for sure – so IBM has made it as quick and simple as possible to create apps. The Worklight IDE itself is way above phonegap or appcelerator in terms of features, integration and ease of use. But you pay for it in licensing. I can’t talk to the cost because that is between IBM and the customer.

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