Ext JS Connect 14

This post is in support of the presentation I gave at IBM Connect 2014 – 28th January 2014

To find the demonstrations:


To find the Ext JS 4.2 examples


To find the slide presentation from Connect


I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the presentation – please feel free to ask questions and / or hit me up on twitter @MarkyRoden

20 thoughts on “Ext JS Connect 14

  1. Mark – great stuff – I downloaded the nsf, but when I tried to open it got an ‘invalid nsf version’ error – will this ONLY work in 9.0.1 client?

    Mike Davis

    • It shouldn’t……….R9 is only 8.5.4 in reality and the ODS is the same so I am really not sure why that would happen – very sorry mate. Let me look into it and I will get back to you. I will try and build it for a lower version. I got your email address and I will be in touch.

      I think am using a custom rest service in there somewhere so that might be a problem but I would expect it to still open, just with build issues.

      • If anyone has downloaded the demo and it works for them can you let me know – rebuilt it for mike on 8.5.3 without any luck – trying to figure out the problem.

  2. Hello MarkyRoden,

    Great work, and different approach in integrating Extjs in Notes.

    The same thing, can we build something like, hosting the HTML pages on a webserver & then communicating Notes as backend database via ajax calls etc ?

    FYI: The download extjs.nsf fails to open in IBM 8.5.3 version, please build it in this environment.

    Once again nice work.


  3. OK so I believe the problem is that the ODS for 9.0.1 is 52 and therefore incompatible with anything less than that @ 51 (9.0 and below)

    Replicating up an ODS 43 version – please try again 🙂

  4. Hi Mark

    Thank you very much for your session – was very interesting :o)

    The ExtJS grid solves a lot of problems for us (filtering of documents, keeping the category when searching) – I was thinking of adding this to a database that we use extensively (it is a classic Notes database) – what do you think – could this be used in a XPiNC?

    I was also wondering how the grid reacts when being used in an XPages app that uses Bootstrap4XPages – you tried that yet?

    Anyway, keep up the good work
    Greetings from Austria

    • Ursus – thanks for the feedback 🙂

      Yes it works in XPiNC – the demo database should open in XPiNC – some of the samples work and some don’t but only cos I didn’t bother to fix all of them. The problem is XPiNC does not recognize csjsLibrary for some reason – must be csjsLibrary.js as the name – weird ! I will endeavor to clean up all the examples eventually (for XPiNC).

      I have not used Bootstrap4XPages, but I have used the grids in Bootstrap 3 styled application with no issue at all.

      I have updated the demo database but need someone to test it again…..9.0.1 is kicking my butt apparently. I saved the file as ns4 which forces ODS 20 – have not done that in a looooong time but it seemed to work for me. Please let me know.

      • What do you need me to test? I tried to open the database in the Notes client but am getting the error:

        The requested URL could not be retrieved: (111) Connection refused

        this is the URL it is trying:

        I can open and edit the database in Notes Designer 9.0.1 -> that is the problem I was reading above – that is solved.

        I just think I haven’t setup the Designer/Client correctly for XPiNC -> will look into that tomorrow.

        I am off for the evening but can try it again for you tomorrow.

      • Some thing to check on XPiNC – ECL access, Java permissions, ACL access, application is signed by you

  5. Looks very promising! I downloaded it, signed it, and it works very well in XPiNC on 9.0. Locally, “Using Big Data” doesn’t seem to work, though. On an 8.5.3 server, (ODS51), very little of it works. The Extension Library is there, however, I don’t believe the REST services controls are there on that dev server. I’ll try on a 9.0 server, and see how it goes. Stay tuned…!

    • Correct Big Data does not work – because of the size of the database I had to move it to another db – which is not part of the download. – you can always copy and paste the documents to simulate big data in the main application.

      Let me know if you need any help to configure it mate – REST service should not be any different on 8.5.3

      • I was running locally 🙂 but I was also the server and the network – would actually be faster in a decent system.

      • I have it mostly working, but I’m trying out some of the cool stuff you showed in your presentation. Not sure if I’m getting one example mixed up with another, but please let me if I’m right or just nuts (or both). I remember you opening the “Using Local Storage with Updates”, editing a document, and seeing the data in Notes get updated every 10 seconds. In the one I downloaded, and on your site, the rows aren’t editable in the “Using Local Storage with Updates”. Didn’t you make a change to a row on the web, and see the change in Notes somewhere? That would be a big win for my presentation here! 🙂


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