IBM Connect 14 – My sessions: right now and the future

Last year was a tremendous experience for me speaking at IBM Connect 2013 and I was very flattered and honored to see so many people come out and see what I had to say. This year will be even better. I know there are a lot of clashes going on with the XPages talks this year but here is why I think you should come and see mine. I will show you how to effectively modernize existing notes views into XPages applications and demonstrate a mobile technology which any XPage mobile developer can easily evolve into. The now and the future….maybe 🙂

If you see me in sessions or in the halls – please say hi. Connect is a learning experience for everyone, I want to learn from you as well 🙂

Tuesday Jan 28 – EXTJS in XPages: Modernizing IBM Notes Views Without Sacrificing Functionality – BP203

Dolphin Southern Hemisphere – II

01:30 PM – 02:30 PM

Come and see why I believe Ext JS is a very effective way to modernize a notes view, keeping all the good parts of notes view functionality and adding *so* much more. I will discuss large scale web data management of thousand of documents and how you can effectively manage a great user experience in doing so.

Thursday Jan 30th – IBM Worklight: Going From XPages Mobile to Native Mobile Applications – BP209

Dolphin Southern Hemisphere I

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Come and see why John Jardin and I believe that any XPage developer creating mobile applications already has the skillset to immediately start creating native mobile apps with IBM Worklight. We will demonstrate and explain how we created a simple demo of a mobile XPages app to view NAB users and then how we took that to native mobile and added the users seamlessly to a phone contact book and visa versa.

We used less than 100 lines of JavaScript and zero lines of Java – you are ready to start now – come see how !!!



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