2013 – Thank you for the best year ever

So in theory every year should be the best year ever right? Theory being that you should set yourself reasonable goals to better yourself personally and professionally. Then, if at the end of the year you have achieved those goals, you are better than you ever were before and therefore it will have been the best year ever, right? Doesn’t always work out like that but sometimes it does.

So why was 2013 the best year ever (professionally) for me?

Well I……

  • Spoke at Connect2013 (twice)
  • Successfully restarted the DCLUG
  • Co-hosted a Taking notes podcast
  • Presented a webcast for Teamstudio/TLCC
  • Presented a webcast for OpenNTF
  • Spoke twice during the year at DCLUG
  • Got an outstanding yearly review from my first full year at PSC Group
  • Got selected to speak twice at Connect 2014
  • Blogged 76 times (down from last year) with nearly 60,000 hits (up from last year)

and because of all that and more

  • Was named an IBM Champion for 2014

So my goals professionally for the year other than to do outstanding at my day job (which frankly is a personal expectation more than a goal) was to be selected as IBM Champion and to be accepted to speak at Connect2014. I have achieved both of those goals and so much more.

Yeah this is a totally self centered blog post so far but I have a number of people to thank for this year’s success and that was just the lead up to it 🙂


  • Everyone who submitted my name for IBM Champion
    • I knew of some but then others who submitted without my knowledge (like Mark Leusink) I am flattered, humbled and very grateful for the time taken just for me.
  • PSC Group
    • John Quirk – as inspiring a leader as anyone could wish for
    • Andrew Barickman – my boss, mentor and antagonist. You make me better.
    • Brad Balassaitis, Kathy Brown, Troy Reimer, Wil How, John Head, Shil Patel and the rest of the collaboration group who are a great group of people to work with
    • John Bigenwald – he knows why.
    • Obviously I have a day job and that pays the mortgage and all that, but I am very fortunate to enjoy what I do, work with people I respect and enjoy the company of, and really what more can I ask for? Thank you all
  • David Leedy
    • Without Dave a lot of my community contributions would not be possible, I am forever grateful. yes I owe you a notesin9 (or 6)
  • John Jardin
    • Boet we did it 🙂
  • Bruce Elgort
    • You all know why Bruce should be on most people’s thanks list, but he has really helped mentor me in community. Massive respect.
  • Russ Maher
    • Just generally a crazy supporter and friend
  • Tim Clark
    • His review of my Connect 2013 slides REALLY helped and made me look at a technical presentation in a whole new way
  • Kevin Pettitt / Maurice Cogdell
    • Organizing DCLUG with me and stepping up in my absence
  • Susan Bulloch
    • Her faith in me goes a long way to having the privilege of speaking at Connect !
  • And of course everyone else who I have not mentioned
    • DCLUG attendees, XPages community members, IBM XPages dev team, IBM Champions etc

I have a few ideas on what will make 2014 the best year ever – this is going to be a very exciting year for me with a big change coming in the summer (more on that in due course).

So thank you to everyone who I have had the pleasure of interacting with in the community this year, I have *really* enjoyed myself


8 thoughts on “2013 – Thank you for the best year ever

  1. Marky, your success has been well-deserved. Since I owe the starting of my own blog and the opportunity to speak at DCLUG to your encouragement and efforts, there will be at least one free beer waiting for you at Connect.

  2. Congrats! I’ll know later this week, but if I do end up in Orlando, I’ll buy you a beer, two. Be careful, though, because for all the people you’ve helped this year, you could get a LOT of free beers. Hopefully, your presentations are early in the week. 🙂

  3. Marky, I applaud you for the year you had. You deserve every achievement you listed, especially being IBM Champion for 2014. Thank you so much for all your blog posts and contributions. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2014.

    You rock boet!!!

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