1291: EXTJS in XPages: Modernizing IBM Notes Views Without Sacrificing Functionality

I am very happy to announce that I have been accepted to speak a second time at IBM Connect this year !!

In this session I am going to quickly review some of the previously published EXTJS related items on the blog (apparently not everyone reads it) but more importantly I want to discuss user experience. If nothing else, I have learned over the last 18 months that not only is EXTJS very cool in loading thousands of notes documents into  usable and functional web based grids, it also demands a serious serious respect and insight into the user experience. If your user’s are willing to wait many seconds to load thousands of documents they will not be willing to load thousands of documents again, and again, and again, as they go to view each individual document and go “uuurgh, not that one” and then reload the web page.

But this is XPages, and we have the technology to do better with a little forethought and planning. There is a monumental difference between:

1. Being able to meet a requirement to load thousands of documents into a grid and allow the user to open and review each document


2. Making them not hate the application in meeting requirement 1

(By the way – requirement 2 is never written in the same document as requirement 1 – it is kinda assumed)


Come and see the session, I promise it will be entertaining, there will be lots of demonstrations, stacks of free code and you will be able to relate to issues and requirements which you will have come across when modernizing IBM Notes applications.


The Abstract

In this session Mark will demonstrate how the use of the EXTJS library can effectively meet the requirement to modernize large data applications without sacrificing user interface familiarity. EXTJS is the only grid framework with large data set optimization built in.
Mark will discuss and provide working examples of how to manage large data sets and with it an exceptional user experience. You will learn how to display 1000s of  documents through XPages in ways previously considered impossible. With user customizable features like REST service integration, categorization, sorting, searching, column totals, filtering, charting, exporting to excel and many more you can put the power of instant data management back into a web user’s hands.

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