Discovering Page Audits in Chrome Dev tools – apparently I am bloated !

I came across a “tooling” presentation by Addy Osmani which is mostly not relevant to XPages development but in there I saw a nugget about Page auditing within Chrome Dev tools. I am staggered about what I found about the site I am working on site and apparently I need to learn more, quickly……….

Bring up the site and open Chrome dev tools



And then after running it – WOW…apparently I could be doing a better job in here…..


I have no idea if I can do anything about some of these – but some I definitely can and if it makes for a faster website load time then it can only be a good thing.


jQueryUI I can definitely make smaller because you can do custom builds of the functionality you need – I need drag and drop, sortable and accordion.

Bootstrap – I think I am stuck with although according to the presentation grunt-uncss looks promising!

Font-awesome – do I REALLY need it for 3 icons? Maybe I don’t now I look at it !!

The rest are used in this single page app – just not right on the front page


I could combine the CSS and JS files using XPages application properties – but it breaks when I do that. Some manual combining could be done.



“Always include external CSS files before external JavaScript” – I did not know this – good to know and these are all in the XPages theme so might be able to reorganize – unfortunately with dojo always inserted at the top of the page I do not know if that can be overcome – I think so…..


I will make some changes and post an update in a few days to see if there is a noticeable difference in page load speed. When developing I always have cache turned off anyway so I will be able to tell if the pages load faster.


3 thoughts on “Discovering Page Audits in Chrome Dev tools – apparently I am bloated !

  1. Haha, just another option I see every day but did not recognize it – great option!
    Just let it audit my homepage that uses Bootstrap4Xpages plugin, XSP and other stuff. Glad that the result states that my scripts/css are on the lower end of the list for resources to be optimized. On the top: the default XSP js/css and bs4xpages libs (with > 80% of not to be used at all, including jQuery libs).
    But: was does these informations provide? I load a lot of crap that I don’t use in full? Yes, that’s something I am always aware of – as it is for almost every framework you include.
    For measuring overall performance the simple numbers maybe can impress the customer 😉

  2. Right so that is what i want to look into – what does this really tell me? – how can I produce something quantitative and not qualitative that i can stand up on a stage and say – WOW – you need to do this and here is the proof

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