Louis Richardson – Leverage Social Collaboration to Drive Business Results – Dec 9th DCLUG

DCLUG is very excited to co-host Louis Richardson who will be in Washington DC December 9th to speak about Social collaboration

I saw Louis speak at MWLUG 2012 and I can attest to what  great engaging speaker he is. He is able to distill a concept into a presentation and not make it sound like a sales pitch. The capability speaks for itself, what you need to understand is why you need to use the product, not primarily what the product will do for you.

For more on Louis, check out his site – http://about.me/louisrichardson
I serve as an IBM Worldwide Storyteller & Enthusiast covering Social Business and Smarter Workforce topics”

Date: December 9, 2013
Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM Eastern
Location: IEG Briefing Center
600 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 2000

Business at the Speed of Expertise: 
Social technologies are helping people connect, communicate and share information. Communication & Collaboration have become a commodity thus tactical – Coordination & Social Collaboration have the most value thus a more strategic direction. Once you have Embraced Social Collaboration, you can Extend your current solutions and finally Consolidate.

The Result: Single Strategic Platform of All Capabilities. Social Collaboration Capabilities can be INJECTED into Cloud, Mobile, Big Data to provide a secure personalized contextual multi-channel experience.

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Accepted to speak at Connect 2014 – With John Jardin

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be speaking at Connect 2014 with my very good friend John Jardin.


IBM Worklight: Going From XPages Mobile to Native Mobile Applications, John Jardin, Ukuvuma Solutions; Mark Roden, PSC Group LLC”

We are very excited to be talking about IBM Worklight and how any XPages developer currently creating mobile XPages already has all the skill set necessary to create native mobile applications with Worklight.

We decided over a beer (or maybe more) in Orlando last year  that we wanted to speak together but the question was on what…. The plotting and hatching of a plan started for real mid-year. We knew it had to be about mobile, but exactly what that entailed evolved over time and more than 10+ draft abstracts. John showed me Worklight a couple of months ago and I was hooked / fascinated and excited about easy he made it look to work with.

John is a massive contributor to the XPages community and is an IBM Champion – I am honored to be sharing the stage with him and I know we are going to rock the house with this presentation.

More to come over the next two months 🙂

Things you learn about localization in XPages – french script tags

In the current project I am working on we are using localization to allow translation into other languages. For more on localization check out this wiki entry

Much to my horror I found out yesterday that <script> tags are translated – as if it was just text on the screen.

	alert('hi Marky')

when localization is turned on for French looks like this

	[fr| alert('hi Marky')]

and funnily enough that causes problems in your code.

The reason it does this is because by default localization translates any text on the page and creates the appropriate properties file tage for it in the database – this is very cool when you want it to be, and apparently very annoying when you don’t. Localization clearly does not see any difference between <script> and <div> on the page for this purpose.

To correct this issue. you need use the computed output script instead.

	<xp:scriptBlock id="scriptBlock1">
			alert('hi Marky')

Nov 21st – DCLUG – Managing large data sets in an XPages application

Next week I have the privilege of speaking at DCLUG again. This time discussing EXTJS and how to manage large data sets in an XPages application.

For more information and to sign up for the meeting please go here: http://www.meetup.com/DC-Lotus-Professionals/events/150317872/


November 21st


11:00-11:30 Networking/Lunch

11:30-12:30 Presentation

12:30-13:00 Networking/Close


Moving notes client views to the web has always been a challenge. Out of the box XPages provides us the viewPanels and Dojo Data Grids which do a decent job of getting the data to a user, but it not an optimal user experience. Clicking next 25 paging through 3000 documents is not ideal.

With large data set management built in and user customizable features like REST service integration, categorization, sorting, searching, column totals, filtering, charting and many more, EXTJS grids give us the ability to put the power of instant data management into a web user’s hands.

Mark will demonstrate and provide examples of how the EXTJS library can be used to effectively meet a requirement to modernize large notes client views (1000s of documents at the same time).


Lunch will be provided for attendees by IBM