Thanks Bruce

I am a late comer to the OpenNTF community as I have explained before this was more due to the circumstances of my job in the mid 2000s shifting me away from development but I restarted development in 2011 and have not looked back.

So I have no known Bruce personally for much more than 18 months but I have know “of” him for much longer (obviously).

Unknowingly Bruce was the second person (other than my friends) to ever follow me on twitter (more here) and even by that simple act that was encouragement to get involved.

Since I have known him Bruce has been a good friend and a great example to me of how to look beyond what I am doing today and look to the future. Bruce has opened opportunities for me which I could have only dreamed of once upon a time and for that I will forever be grateful.

I see Bruce not only as a friend but a mentor of sorts, I have learned from him and will continue to do so.

Without Bruce’s involvement in OpenNTF I expect our paths would not have ultimately crossed, but I am very glad they did.

Thank you Bruce for following me on twitter, encouraging me and ultimately being someone I consider a friend beyond just the community.

One thought on “Thanks Bruce

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