DCLUG – July 17 – David Navarre – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: An XPages Case Study

This month we are very pleased to welcome another new speaker, David Navarre of DAI. David has been a great supporter of DCLUG this year and I am personally thrilled that he has stepped up to share his experience with us.

DAI work all over the world and really push the boundaries of what is technologically possible in remote areas. This is a fascinating look into how Domino and specifically XPages has been used to help the company meet their mission.

The meeting will begin at 11:30am



DAI Board Room 2nd Floor 7600 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD 20814

In the Wild West that is Notes, there are no leisurely requirements gathering sessions, there are few clear requirements, and there is no time to waste. This was a quick turn around application. In Tanzania, our company is managing a grant fund from DFID (Dept for International Development, UK) for which companies need to apply online. We had about a month from high-level requirements to deployment. Users are in a few different groups – applicants, evaluators and grant managers, with a mix of internal and external. Our team is old Notes based, but the web-facing side would be XPages. Complicating matters, users are scattered around the world, multiple servers and clients are involved, and the members of the team have never been on the same continent, let alone in the same room.

In this session, we’ll lay out the requirements, discuss possible solutions, and explore the solution that was implemented, sharing our knowledge, ideas and problem-solving talents. This application shows some of the good, some of the bad and some of the downright ugly of learning XPages on a deadline.

My thanks to DAI for hosting this meeting in their offices – please come and support David and enjoy what I am sure is going to be an enthralling insight into a fascinating case study.