Adding a new browser to the XPages “Preview in web browser” menu

I wanted to add Chrome to my list of browsers which I could preview my XPages in and I went digging in the preferences and found out how

From within DDE (not the client) in File > Preferences under the general section there is a “Web Browser” option where you can add a new one


Then I had to find where Chrome was installed (obviously change UserName to your own path)


Added it and there you have it – now in my menu πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Adding a new browser to the XPages “Preview in web browser” menu

  1. @2 This feature is also available in R8.5.x.

    Mark do you have any idea how to configure other browsers in the Notes client to open any apps in the browser from my workspace?

    • Jyotiprakash – sorry, I am not sure I understand – you can configure the notes client to use any browser to open URLs – is that what you are looking for? In the Web Browser section as described above select “Use External Web Browser” at the top.

      If that is not what you are looking for please can you provide a little more information πŸ™‚

      • While in Domino Designer when I click on “preview in web browser” it shows the different browsers i have configured. While in Notes client I get only one option “Preview in Internet Explorer” in the toolbar. I would like to have multiple browser options like in Designer.

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