OpenNTF Webinar – Getting Started with XPages – Tomorrow – 06-04-2013 10:00 EST

Tomorrow I have the honour of speaking with my mate Dave Leedy and presenting the second in the OpenNTF webinar series – Getting Started with XPages

Dave and I are going to go through a lot of information in a short period of time. The intention is to make the transition to XPages seem less scary, provide you information you need to know when making the transition and help you through the process.

This conversation is open to all developers of all skill levels and I encourage community members to attend and support OpenNTF and all those developers tuning in to find out more on the subject.

We are going to talk about:

  • Key concepts in XPages
  • Some of the  things you always wanted to do in Old Domino (good for selling XPages to your manager)
  • A live demonstration of how easy it is to create an initial app in the same manner as you would before.
  • Discuss some Rookie mistakes we all make
  • Look at some tools which make your life infinitely easier as an XPages developer
  • Detail and list some essential online resources for finding more information on XPages

Attendance is free and no registration is required. 

You can attend the webinars by simply joining the following IBM SmartCloud meeting. The e-meeting supports audio broadcasting. In order to speak you need to dial in the conference separately.
Meeting password: ICSAppDev 
Passcode: 71387162

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