DCLUG – June 13 – Darren Duke – I Have a Traveler Server – Maybe I Should Secure it Some

This month we are delighted to welcome Darren and Lisa Duke of STS Inc. in Atlanta who are travelling to DC to present at the meeting !

Not only is Darren one of the most recognized names in the IBM Notes Domino community he is also a really entertaining speaker.

Even if you are not into Traveler, you should definitely come, be entertained and learn something new.

For more information on Darren – check out his linkedin page and if you want to talk Traveler while him and Lisa are in town – please get in touch with them



Here is the abstract 
An iPhone or iPad was given to you, “Make this work with Lotus”, you were told. And so your Traveler server was born, much like BES before it, with nary a thought for “production use”.
Traveler is a virulent technology, users flinging iPhones, iPads and Android devices at you at an alarming rate. There is no one-to-one relation for devices to users here… some folks have 4 or more devices attached to your Traveler server. You look like a rock star! “About time” you say to yourself.
But is it secure? Am I letting my users send free text passwords OTA (even with HTTPS there are more secure options)? Do you even know the security options available to you? Come learn what you can do to secure these slippery endpoints, these public facing servers and keep looking like a rock star……
Darren, technical guru at STS, the once vocal “bad cop” on “This Week In Lotus” podcast, Lotusphere and Connect speaker, sporadic blogger, ranting tweeter, and all round snarky guy will endeavor to both entertain and educate you in this neglected but very important area.


3150 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042

For more information please check out the meetup site



Hosting Facility information

The DCLUG event is open to all; but please not that Noblis is a Cleared Facility and security regulations require that all visitors are badged. A state or federal issued picture ID is required to obtain visitors badge (NOTE: drivers license works best as some ID badges do not scan well).

If you are not a US citizen, DoD security regulations require additional information be obtained in order to issue a visitors badge. Please contact alan.hurt@noblis.org directly for further information.

Parking @ Noblis: There is visitor parking in front of building as well as a free parking garage. Parking will generally be open on upper levels

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