Coolest Error Message ever – Anti-Folder views !

I was working in designer this morning and I have no idea what I did to generate this error message but it is the coolest I have ever had 🙂


Anyone care to shed some light on what it means??


coolesterror message ever

10 thoughts on “Coolest Error Message ever – Anti-Folder views !

  1. Thanks Serdar 🙂

    Well I guess that explains why it occurs – but why is it called and Anti-Folder?

  2. Because strangely, it has been defined as “View set to show only documents not in folders”. But it’s not an exact right statement…

  3. LOL, yeah we had this a while ago and it made us laugh a lot (including again some “bashing” the designeer 😉 )
    We also only found the IBM doc but the described situations where this might occur did not fit to what we did when the error occured.
    Strange though that it is not a runtime error…

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