Searching a REST service – when the default is not everything

I have wasted too much time over the last couple of days figuring out why my REST service will only return 32 entries….

This would seam like a simple search using the viewJSONService and I would expect in my case to see 198 results

<xe:restService id="marky" pathInfo="marky">
		<xe:viewJsonService defaultColumns="true" viewName="ByName-First">

But I only get 32 – why???


Something simple, small and unassuming – searchMaxDocs. When it is not set the default is not All Matching Documents as I had assumed…


If you do NOT set searchMaxDocs to ZERO you will never get more than 32 documents in your search results.

<xe:restService id="marky" pathInfo="marky">
		<xe:viewJsonService defaultColumns="true" viewName="ByName-First" searchMaxDocs="0">


The default number of results when searching a REST service is 32

Always set your searchMaxDocs=”0″


4 thoughts on “Searching a REST service – when the default is not everything

  1. I spend a few hours on this too a few weeks back…. Another warning: If you ever use the xe:viewItemFileService and need a ‘categoryFilter’, then don’t use the ‘categoryFilter’ property. It will return an error 500. Instead, use the ‘keys’ property 😉

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