Dave Leedy: Drink to 99 at IBMConnect

As many of you are aware – I feel like I owe a personal debt to Dave Leedy because of how he helped support me when I was getting into the community in the last year. Honestly he is fed up of hearing me talk about him (as you are too).

That said this post and subsequent request for help is not about what Dave has done for me – it is what Dave has done for you, and you, and you and the other thousands of YOU!

Notes in 9

XPages cheatsheet

Notes in 9 is over 2 years old and has over 28 hours of XPages related wonderment – if you are reading this blog and have never watched a NotesIn9 video I will be shocked. It is synonymous with the XPages community and is supported by many many contributors.

Not only does Dave invest time and effort into Notes in 9 he also pays for the hosting cost out of his own pocket – that’s right he is paying so that you to become a better developer – the least you can do is to say thank you.

So it is time to say thank you – in the best way we know – BEER

Dave Leedy should not have to buy himself a single beer at IBM Connect this year. Dave needs to get 99 beers to be bought for him to say thank you for the 99 NotesIn9 he has created/masterminded.

I would like to see #DrinkTo99 count=x on twitter so that we can track his progress throughout the week.

As I said on the Dave Leedy Taking Notes Podcast….if you see this man buy him a beer because he has helped you !

Buy this man a beer
Buy this man a beer

Oh and happy birthday mate 😉

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