Great conversation with Jesse Gallagher

This week I had the great pleasure of Co-Hosting the Taking notes Podcast with Bruce Elgort and JulieAnn Robichaux – This week we were talking to Gigerby Jesse Gallagher about his experience with XPages and his evolution from a Comp Sci Java Developer and self taught Rails guy to Lotus Notes and beyond.

Jesse is a scary smart guy but what is special about him is that he is very eloquent with it. People this smart are rarely blessed with people skills and I think it is clear from the podcast he is very amiable, easy to talk to and scary smart. I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse in Pittsburgh at MWLUG2012 and I look forward to carrying on the conversation over some beers at #Connect13

We talked about Single Page Application development, coding standards, simplifying code development techniques, Java, Dojo, Ruby, Rails, ExtLib, Cats, jQuery and how we are planning to bride the IBM development team to include Web Sockets in the Domino server. #BringWebSocketsToXPages

One of the things I like about this show (and many other Taking Notes Podcasts) is that really sounds like the four of us are sitting around a table having a beer and chatting about life and XPages in general – love it.

Thanks to Bruce and Julian for having me on the show again and I look forward to the next one 🙂

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