Custom date field format in an XPage – mm/dd/yyyy

I was banging my head against the desk this morning for way too long…….

I have a date field which is displaying the date as 1/2/2012 and I need 01/02/2012 and that isn’t an option

Date field options
Date field options

And as I poked around I found “Custom date range” and looky there it is – wasted WAY too much time on this

Custom date options
Custom date options

And then 79 search and replaces in the database and we are all updated – YAY eclipse client

YAY search and replace
YAY search and replace

3 thoughts on “Custom date field format in an XPage – mm/dd/yyyy

  1. Hi, this is indeed a pain in the …. Luckily you found the eclipse search and replace. In one of the xPage projects I’ve done, we used a managed bean to retrieve these kind of settings from a profile document. Write once, use many 🙂

  2. Hello!

    We had something similar, whereby all our dates are in international format (dd/mm/yyyy). Either I missed it, or it doesn’t seem to be there which is very strange… In any case, I set them to “dd/MM/yyyy”, and they come out correctly.
    Fortunately, I was able to find out before adding more date controls, but thanks for the tip!

    Steve in NYC

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