What a year – and it gets better….!

It has been an amazing year so far since Lotusphere and things have been happening thick and fast for me:

All this has lead up to an opportunity which I felt was too good to pass up on.

  • I am going to work for the PSC Group as an XPage developer

In a few weeks I will be starting with PSC and I am flattered that they consider me good enough to work with the likes of John Head, Troy Reimer, Kathy Brown and the other fantastic programmers/consultants they have over there.

This is so cool 🙂

10 thoughts on “What a year – and it gets better….!

  1. Thanks to everyone – I am going to miss Jeff, Colin and the gang @ MAXIMUS

    This year really has been better than I could have possibly imagined – with so many new friends and colleagues in the community, the opportunities have opened up for me.

    This is in a large part because of the encouragement I have received for you guys and everyone else I have met.

    I am truly grateful and humbled!

  2. Congratulations Mark. Really appreciate the help you gave me recently. Hope it all goes well in your new job.

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