LotusLearns steps over the line

LotusLearns reposted my entire article on watermark.js without my consent and even though there is a link back to the blog I take great exception to this unethical behaviour. The fact that there is adverts on this site and someone else may make money out of my content is gawling.

I copy other people’s ideas and code all the time and then re-purpose them with my own, new ideas. That is how we evolve culturally.

Look at my article and you will how to appropriately credit other people for their work. Ethically it is the right thing to do and I would expect anyone to do the same with my content.

I always link to the original with a comment and a name
I never copy and paste content without stating as such
I do not claim the idea as my own.

Lotus Learns has crossed the line with my blog content and many other people’s content and needs to be stopped.

I have reported it and so should you if you are affected


In contrast http://planetlotus.com has my full consent to link to and re-publish my work. I signed up for it and gave my permission.

This is the ONLY site which I allow to do that.

Read my copyright statement on the about page if you are in any doubt. I specifically state you can reuse my CODE, I do not say you can reuse all my words without my consent.

I have asked for content to be removed. If it is I will re-word this article to say thank you for doing the right thing.

LotusLearns does not have my consent to republish my content and never will.

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