jQuery in XPages #4 – prettyPhoto

This week we are going to look at a lightbox. A lightbox is a capability whereby the user clicks on a thumbnail image and the full size image is displayed on the screen. There are many of them, but I chose prettyPhoto because it also includes videos and flash plugins which makes it more flexible. So here goes….


prettyPhoto provides the developer an easy way to create a powerful visual effect on the webpage, whereby the user is able to view a slideshow of images.

A user sees a group of thumbnails

A group of thumbnails
A group of thumbnails

and is able to interact with them like this

Using prettyPhoto you can also embed a youtube video effectively within your page without it taking up real-estate

prettyPhoto is very easy to use within your XPages – this example uses 8.5.3 attributes for the links but you can actually achive this effect by just pasting the HTML into your XPages source.

To see how the effect is created check out the How does this work article…. 🙂


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