XPages TypeAhead v2.0 with added fail icon

Thanks to Sven Hasselbach who inadvertently gave me the information I needed to intercept the ajax call in dojo.



// --- hijack dojo XHR calls
dojo._xhr = dojo.xhr;
var loadOld;

function hijacked( response, ioArgs ){
   alert( response ); // change code here to do whatever you want. //
   loadOld( response, ioArgs ); // call the original function

dojo.xhr = function( mode, args, bool ){
    loadOld = args["load"];
    args["load"] = hijacked;
    dojo._xhr( mode, args, bool );

I was able to intercept the ajax call being made to the server. As I previously discussed in the original article I knew that the response was blank but was unable to get a handle on it – now I have.

There is also a NotesIn9 video supporting this article

Check out the  demonstration (Thanks to David Leedy for hosting)


xTypeAhead with new Fail icon
xTypeAhead with new Fail icon

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